Anybody knows of a program that makes Family Trees?

I have to make a very large one for next week and I really don’t feel like doing them manually with Power Point or whatever, and I heard there was a program that was specifically designed or at least had a function for this.


If by doing it manually, you mean, drawing boxes and lines and stuff, then you could use the powerpoint organisation chart feature. It’s pretty damn simple.

Yes, but this thing is huge, with brothers, cousins, second cousins, date of birth, place of birth and it goes as far as my grand-grand-grandfather. I’m talking about two hundred people.



Again, it has to be something specifically designed for it: This thing is fucking humongous.

Googled it, and came up with this:

My mom has one, but she had to buy it.

I just Kazza-ed a copy. Thanks Gil.

You might want to check out ‘Brothers Keeper’ as well. I believe its abadonware now, so you might even be able to find a free copy somewhere. My grandmother used it a few years back to do ours, and its (according to her) the best out of all of them. She apparently used quite a few.

It’s okay, I’m happy with this one. I just finished doing the most basic parts of the tree (This is going to take a while), I’d show you but I’ve got not idea how to upload PDFs.


I use a program called Family Tree Maker, to get it But its kinda expensive…, but i highly reccomend it. it makes very good charts.