Any web design peeps want to critique my site?

I’m the webmaster for my fraternity, and since we’re preparing for rush week, I’m giving our site a major overhaul. I’m relying on CSS for all the style stuff, so most future changes won’t be a big deal. Constructive criticisms kthxplz.

EDIT: The site’s basically done, except for adding a few more pages (with the same layout).

Not too bad, but you really gotta fix this. I mean, this really turns people away.

All events begin at 6:30PM at our house and are dry.

Come on!

What kind of frat is dry?

It’s decent, functional. There’s much too much white for my liking. Neat and tidy code.

Looks pretty good to me. Not too artistic, but functional and easy to navigate.

Yeah. It looks pretty good to me.
Not like I’m some html/php master, but the code is nice and tidy :slight_smile:

It’s pretty well done. I don’t think it needs any change.

The only change is need is, if and when new pictures and new news are made is to be uploaded.

It looks nice and simple, good job.

It looketh pretty awesome.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find that amusing?

What? I could read through the whole index with just a quick little scrolldown. It’s got damn tidy code.
I <3 Kero’s coding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our frat’s not dry… our rush is. And that’s mandated by the Inter-Fraternity Council. So yeah.

We’re planning on “extending” our rush though past the official end, and having a party that we just happen to invite the rushees to. :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS: I <3 [STRIKE]you[/STRIKE] your code too, Steve. :3)

It’s appropriately nerdy, but boring :frowning:

Like others have said, it’s functional. To break up the amount of white on the screen I suggest shrinking your name, Triangle, and put it on the left side and adding a banner on the right. You could also merge the two and make it one huge banner with your name in it.

I said it first. They plagarise.

More pink, more random animations.

<marquee>Not enough scrolling text</marquee>

Man you’ll never get the myspace whores to come without that shit. And what’s a college party without myspace whores?

A damn good one.

wow…board game night…this fraterity is for me…wait…AND TRICYLE RACING…woah…I need to sit down for this…

on a more serious level please put some sort of background in…like a maroon or silver (or a combination of both) spice it up a bit…although it’s basic it’s seems to function well…you’ll think of things as you go along