Any thoughts on the Last Remnant?

There aren’t any reviews yet, and few gamer comments. Has anyone here had a chance to play it yet? What are your thoughts. I was gonna buy it blindly, but Squeenix’s recent non-FF/DQ output has been pretty shitty lately, so I’m kind of hesitant.

Yea, Game Informer has reviewed it, and they gave it a 7… and a 6 from on the 2nd opinion from another reviewer.

Even the Official Xbox magazine gave it a 7, and they are always biased towards Xbox’s exclusive game releases (ie. this one). So it definitely can’t be that great.

I had pre ordered it but with the fiasco involving my Xbox (which is STILL not fixed btw) I had to rescind my pre-order. I was looking forward to it :expressionless:

I desperately want to play it, but I don’t know if it would be a wise choice to buy it right now, during crunch time for class projects and finals. You can bet your ass I’m gonna buy it immediately after, though.

The World Ends With You excepted. That one took me years back.

It’s not exclusive, it’s coming out for the PS3 as well.

Also PC.

It’s currently £17.99/E25.49 brand new on for any Europeople who are interested but as yet undecided. :slight_smile: Free delivery in UK too.

Free delivery in most of Europe IIRC.

Well, some reviews are in finally. It sounds like it has everything that makes a great RPG - story, gameplay, pacing, etc. It’s got brutal technical flaws that can seriously mar the experience if you let it.

So now Im torn. If anyone’s played it, just how bad are the technical problems?

The game got worse reviews than Infinite Undiscovery and apparently , combat lag is so bad it becomes a slideshow. I’m passing this piece of garbage.

I’ve only heard stuff though the grapevine, but everyone’s saying the battle system sucks. I’m passing as well.

From what I’ve been reading on these series of pipes and tubes it’s a troubled game that has huge technical issues, a combat system that’s more trouble to learn than it’s worth, and a story that needed better writing and acting. If the ports to other systems like the PC fix many of the technical issues plaguing the game then it might be worth getting out of idle curiosity (but if they can’t do that then fuck it).

This has been a really slow start for RPGs of this generation.

Well, I finished Disc 1. Here are my brief impressions:

Graphics + Framerate issues: I’m not gonna lie and say that these things are okay, because no game should ever have them, ever. Funny enough, though, I read that the Unreal Engine - the game engine used by The Last Remnant - is known for having Framerate issues and texture popping, which are the two big deals for The Last Remnant.

That being said, a lot of the shit showcased in the video reviews are the absolute worst examples, and the game doesn’t constantly look like that. More importantly, it doesn’t make the game any less fun.

I would worry more about how horribly the lips are synched to the audio, and how unrealistically characters move, as if their center of balance was in their chest or something. It’s really creepy.

Other than that, the aesthetic is just beautiful. It’s too bad there wasn’t a world map, because I bet it would have brought this game to life 1000 times more.

Music: Even if you think this game is worse than Beyond the Beyond or something, it’s hard to say that the music is bad. The main composer here is Tsuyoshi Sekito, who hasn’t been the main composer of a single US-released game since Brave Fencer Musashi. And, thank god he’s back. Sekito has a knack for writing music that just plain rules. If you don’t believe me, check out these battle themes.

The co-composer, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, makes his debut (well, he wrote ONE song for Front Mission 5) with a few ambient tunes which add a nice contrast to Sekito. This shit is unarguably awesome.

Story: Hoo boy, it’s bad. Funnily enough, it’s not the fact that the story is cliche, or even that the dialogue is kinda bad (both are present, but not as awful as you might imagine). What really kills TLR’s story is that it trivializes the most dramatic events. Like, there’s this one part…where a character gets killed in the story. This could be the basis for some really cool character development, but instead, not even five minutes after the scene where the character dies, a new character comes and takes their place, who not only LOOKS and TALKS like the dead person, but also is leveled up in the same manner in which you leveled up the character that died. No explanation. No cool story scenes. They might as well have just made a fucking clone machine, lmao.

Other than that, the game likes to reveal plot points all at once in a confusing manner, rather than a mystery which gradually gets solved. To add insult to injury, characters will exclaim, “It’s all so clear now.” Is it really?

Gameplay: This is where the game shines. It’s hard to explain this in depth, so I’ll save that for a real review. All you need to know is that the game feels an awful lot like cruel and unusual punishment at first, but eventually feels so awesome when you get the hang of it. The only big problem with the battle system is that the individual battles take waaaay too long. The reason for this is because, instead of controlling individual party members, you control a “Union” which consists of up to five characters. So, imagine this: When you first get into the meat of the game, you can already control up to nine characters in battle. Battles usually consist of 2-3 enemy unions with 2-4 units within each. So, you’re watching seventeen characters take action each turn, and that’s just the beginning of the game. It only gets worse from there.

Still, regardless of that, the gameplay is intensely fun. The slow battles just make it hard to play the game for extended periods of time. Thank god you can save anywhere at any time.

So yeah, my overall impressions so far are this: The aesethetic is really beautiful (besides technical issues and people who walk like primitive robots). The story is crap, but has some neat ideas. The gameplay takes a long time, but it’s really fun. Overall, it’s not a GREAT game, but it ain’t half bad. I still wouldn’t recommend it to most people, though; the sheer amount of options in gameplay can be really overwhelming (Akitoshi Kawazu, the game’s producer, has a hard-on for this sort of stuff; see “SaGa Frontier”, “Legend of Mana”, “Treasure of the Rudras”), so you kinda have to be into that stuff to really appreciate it.