Any suggestions for my Arc the Lad shrine?

This is the first time I have done something like this, and I would appreciate any suggestions/helpful comments I can get on the subject.

put a secret porn section on it, like I did with the sfa shrine. theres like 5 pics of krystal in naughty positions.

glare Any serious suggestions?

Be prepared to cry and continue working once you submit it for review. You may think it’s done, but it’ll be ripped apart and every little foible will be pointed out and embiggened to a cromulent size. Then you get to work some more. If you’re lucky, you only have to go through the review process twice.

I like your new trenchcoat. Where’d you buy it?

I would expect it to be picked apart. I would be rather embarrassed to put something on a site that accepted just any old crap for the site’s main focus.

General Lee gave it to me.

Anything specific that any of you would like to see? By the way, the walkthrough is likely to rely a little too heavily on 2 or 3 of the characters because of Tosh’s awesomeness (I have trouble keeping him from getting 70+% of the kills since he has the most speed and power in the game)

He seems to be a generous man! If he’s ever in trouble, I got his back, yo.

Nobody doesn’t like General Lee. tm

What about THE General Lee? :smiley:

Also ds, don’t get TOO lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

that could be a problem. that’s why I picked a 10 hourish game.

I’m going to go with “Everything in the game should be in the shrine.”.

Yeah, that’s why the worst 984 told me was that I should align all the text in my tables cells the same way. I cried for many nights afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue:

ds: You should make a list of everything you need to put in your shrine (which you probably have done by now, it’s like the ToC, but more detailed) and look at other great shrines for ideas on how to organize your pages (tables, anchors, etc - but you’re probably thinking about doing that too :P). If you HTML-ize your information regularly, you’ll be able to see more easily what’s left to do and won’t get too far behind. Screenshots are recommended, if you can take some. I never played that game, though, so that’s all I can say. I think you’ll be able to finish your shrine in less than 3 months with those great tips. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I don’t pull punches on table alignments, Walhalla.

Make SURE you put down where you can find all the items. Some of the items are in ridiculously obscure places, like the main character’s wrecked home village (no sparklies on screen to hint at where it is, too).

Advice on where and how to level up would be good.

Advice on that ridiculously deep dungeon is a must. I myself never went all the way down.

Best of luck with your efforts! It was a nifty little game.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be unable to have screenshots, because my comp doesn’t even want to acknowledge the existance of the disk when I try to make an image of it to emulate.
I will definitely have where all the items are, since there are some that are even more obscure than your example.
I’ll have a section on the Forbidden Ruins, but I usually wind up doing 30 or so floors with just Arc and Tosh, since Arc’s mp regenerates and Tosh has no use for such fool things as magic.
I also intend to have a chart with what levels the characters get/level up their spells.
I’ll definitely have suggested levels for different parts of the game, since a few places are damn near impossible without sufficiently high levels.

Epic can probably send you an Arc the Lad image if you bug him about it on IRC.

I don’t get on IRC. I don’t think this comp could handle it anyway. File downloads of over 2 megs have a nasty tendency to get dropped when I try them on this hunk of junk.

Eek from all this grilling I’m scared for my VP shrine >>