Any SNES rpg similar to the fighting style of phantasia?

thats the only kind i really like, and i cant find any others

Yeah uh dude you already asked the same thing. Fighting styles similar to ToP aren’t very common but that doesn’t mean you shoudl rule out any others because of that…

Didn’t you already post something like this before?

Star Ocean and the “Tales of” games are the only ones like the ToP fighting style. If not, someone probably wouldn’t told you already.

i did ask a similar question, i was getting games that were kind of ismilar to tales, but they were all turn based…sigh…ill just hafta play tales on hard mode until star ocean comes out, or i get a comp good enuff to play ps1 roms

Yeah l do believe you need some roms buddy…you’re obviously going to want to play Tales of Destiny and Star Ocean 2 on that as well.

You didn’t look hard enough. Terranigma (SNES) and Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES) are both not turn-based :stuck_out_tongue:

Secret of Mana isnt turn based. Neither is LttP but, everyone and their sister has played that one.

Btw, you dont need to post twice, it takes a bit for replies here. This isnt a chat room.

This is

wow ppl sure are harsh around here…terranigma im giving a try tho :slight_smile:

What is the battle system like in ToP? A non turn based system I know of that is pretty cool is Kingdom Hearts.

You control the main character in a Street Fighter-ish (sort of) battle where you swing, stab, leap, whatever at the enemy. Your swing and stab attacks are different, and some enemy’s can only be hurt by certain stab/swing techniques. Then you get sword techs which are like special attacks, then you can “find” combos, to combine those techs once you “master them” (which are nice), and such.

As for your other characters, you can put them into automatic and they’ll do the startigy they tell you to do, or you can control them manually “pausing the game in process”, for accurate decision making, but it gets harsh as the game goes further, keeping your eyes on yourself and your teamates.

Top is a flat 2-d fighting. And you go into battles.
In game like Terranigma the enemies are already on screen and it played in an overhead view. Star Ocean is a little closer to it than the other games suggested.

Well, it’s not too similar to ToP, but it’s non-turn based fully controllable RPG goodness; Super Ninja Boy! A really good and criminally underrated game for the SNES that actually came out BEFORE FF4 (so don’t say it stole the graphics from it!), Super Ninja Boy plays like a normal, dumbed down RPG until the battles begin, which you fight out River City Ransom style.