Any Opinions on the new THIEF game?

I am a big fan of the series (for obvious reasons, if you know me), but the comments Warren Spector made about not liking its gameplay… well, I am not a total puritian, but is the game still as good as the first two?

Or, should I regulate this one to computer savings time?

Its actually not too far from the first two. The only real ‘dumbing down’ was in the form of removing rope arrows (more of a engine limitation than a design choice), the fact that you get more hit points, and that you no longer are required not to kill any guards on the highest difficulty (but you can still try to not kill any!)

Heck, if anything its less combat-oriented. The swords been replaced with a dagger, which is nigh-useless for close combat.

The main difference is the ‘free form’ parts, where you can roam the city with nigh-impunity freely between missions. And you keep loot after every mission.

Im liking it, but I’ve hit a bug thats preventing me from progressing, and I’m waiting for a patch.

I always thought those games were way too hard. I had no idea where I was going and would constantly get lost - mainly because the design of the game was massivly stale because a lot of the rooms looked the same.

But I only played the first one.

Yeah, are all the buildings in this latest as square as the ones in its predecessors?

You lucky bastards. cries

I love the game.
Sadly, my computer couldn’t handle it, so I had to go with the Xbox version of it. ::doh::