Any Lupin III fans?

Any fans of this series or manga? Couple years ago I didn’t know who Lupin III was, but it has become one of my all time favorites. AS was showing episodes, but due to poor ratings it was pulled off. I know it’s big in Japan and I don’t see why it’s not successful here. They were airing the second tv series which is from the late 70’s and I guess the outdated animation didn’t appeal to people. But it’s great stuff.

i have a movie of lupin 3 that miyazaki worked with . . but haven’t seen it yet. you may be the only one (but i do have a friend at school that owns like all the lupin manga)

Well, I used to watch it when I was a kid. I liked it, my favorite scene was when Lupin inflated his ass. I LMAO when I saw it. You know, it just got back on TV here, so I may give it a shot.

I dig the movies, (Cagliostro and Zero files in particular) but I’m not too hot for the series itself. Kinda makes the whole gig bland, but with just the movies/OVAs, it stays fresh. Maybe if I mixed a few eps in every now and then, it’d be juuuust great in general.


I love what I’ve seen of Lupin III! I’ve seen some of the TV episodes, and one of the movies. Some people don’t seem to be into its style, but I just think it’s nifty.

The faces they make on Lupin III are simply hilarious. Zenigata, in particular, is a perfect clown. XD

I like the show. I haven’t seen it in awhile. I think I saw one of the movies a long time ago and liked it. My dad is the one who really likes the show, he grew up watching it.

I loved Castle of Cagliostro. You should all go watch it. Now.