Any ideas?

I just got stuck in Final Fantasy IX on the third disk. I am at Desert Palace where you have to light all the lamps. The problem I have is the fact that I somehow missed one of the lamps. The lamp is behind one of the bookcases in the library where you meet the moogle and can save (that is where I currently am). If anyone knows a way for me to go back before that or to get past this without having to restart the whole game would be great.

i don’t know about your problem but i will give you a tip that helped me complete FFIX. Keep a back-up file on each disk.keep updating the file as you go along then if you muck up,you can just load the other file.Hope you get that problem sorted mate

I’ve played this game a hundred times, but it’s been a while so forgive me if my memory is a bit fuzzy. That room is somewhat complicated puzzle in which you have to light the candles in order to lower or rise the bookcase and open certain doors. I can’t possibly remember the order in which you have to light them, so just check out a FAQ if you can’t figure it our for yourself.

Well thanks, I guess I’ll just start over again. Thank you both for the ideas :D.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played FF IX. I don’t remember that stage. Is this considered spamming?

I don’t think there’s any way you can “muck up your game” in that area. Trust me, there’s a way to get to it.

my mate and i got stuck on that area for ages but i cant remember what to do…there must be a way to do it.I’ll ask him if he remebers it was ages ago.

I know how I messed it up, I didn’t go a certain path when I was given the chance because I was afraid of random encounters. As of yet Cid I can’t see how to get back. I’ve lighted all the candles/lanps in the library and forgot to get that 1, so I went on into the next room when I went back the bookcases were back down.

Check out the ffcompendium it might have something for you:wave:

I’ve already looked over the gamefaqs.

ok i’ll ask my mate he might know. he does own the game after all

You can find some great FAQS on

Chocobo’s right.Also try and and

I just said I looked up gamefaqs, geez do I have to quote it?