Any gamers remember Die Hard Video game store in Tarzana Calif. or DieHard Game Fan M

i would like to hear from anyone who previously worked at the Die Hard Video game store in Tarzana, Calif- or anyone who worked on the magazine Die Hard Game Fan- i used to go the store when it was there in the 90’s and the owner later started Die Hard Game Fan magazine- i would like to hear from the store owner and magazine publisher- Dave Halverson and store employees and later magazine staff members- Andy C. and Greg Off-They were good gaming friends- Does anyone remember the magazine or used to go to the DieHard Video game store?- i would really like to hear from you-The store owner,Dave, used to get all the Japanese Super Famicom RPG’S in and sell them with translated instructions- All the gamers into RPG’s would meet there and discuss places there were stuck in on the Super Famicom games- There would always be somebody there who could help you past a place you got stuck on in a Japanese Super Famicom RPG.The RPG Pioneers used to hang out there- We liked to call ourselves the Pioneers because we were playing games like Neutopia 1 & 2, FF5 & 6, Legend Of Zelda- A Link To The Past, Breath of Fire 1 & 2, Chrono Trigger , Lufia 1 & 2, Soul Blader( the Japanese title, not Soul Blazer) in Japanese before they came out here in English and the majority of American gamers got their first look at these games and played them-if anyone is on this board who was a regular at the store and a member of our RPG Pioneers i would really like to hear from them-

I agree with Epic.

But anyway, I don’t think our member base is huge enough to include someone from one specific area…sowwy.

Yeah seriously, just dump everything you have on one thread, put something like “My collection” on the title so you don’t have to make ten threads just to show different scans.

Like Eva said, finding soemone you know here is pretty hard. Our regular posters don’t ever go over fifty people and almost everyone is between 16 to 22 years old. Wilfredo Martinez and Dragon Ninja are the only people here about your age I can think about.

If I recall correctly, many of the staff members of Game Fan went on to another project when it died, and many of the staffers of that project moved on to <A HREF=“”><B>play</B> magazine</A>.

play…what magazine?

You’ll notice that the words themselves are in fact a link to <B>play</B> magazine’s website.

On a vacation we went to the Tarzana one (having seen their ads in EGM for a long time), picked up Mega Drive versions of Insector X, Strider, Atomic Robo Kid, and a PC Engine. I’m not sure if this would be the same store, but when I was living in the Chicago suburbs there was a Die Hard video game store in Mount Prospect, IL, that also had those magazines back in the early 1990’s. Did they ever branch out or was this a coincidence? Not sure as we moved and well life got in the way. When did the one in Tarzana close?