Any FF, what status effect you hate

What status effect is your weakness? or just simply say which 1 you just hate

Probably any of the status effects that stop a character from taking any action. especially if it’s in a boss battle where every hit might be your last and you’re running out of whatever item you need to heal the afflicted.

I think one of the most frustrating is Confuse. Many times I’ve been hit with Malboro’s Bad Breath and the most devastating of all those effects is Confuse. Confuse will cause Game Over faster than any other status. The only way to cure it is a Remedy or having the Confused person be hit. Well, if you’re an ally you dont want to hit him, you might kill him, so you need to use an immediate Remedy or wait, and while you wait, the Confused guy is kicking everyone’s ass, including his own.
Second place is Petrify/Stone, especially in FF10. If you get hit while petrified, that character’s not just KO’d, he’s out of the battle, and you’re down to two people, with no third slot to rotate anyone in.

Confuse, from FFIV. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with Meteo while confused, or have Rosa cast Exit, or any number of mistakes. And after I cure them of confuse, they always got that one alst dazed action in before I could do anything.

The worst status affect that has ever happened to me was when I was playing FFIV and FFX. In Final Fantasy IV I got hit with stone and it would slowly run up my body, making my turns limited. But at that time I had no items to cure it and I died. In Final Fantasy X Bad Breath,Zombie and Curse are such a pain in the ass. Sometimes when I play the game I don’t notice I have Zombie on me so I cure my characters and they die.

Blind, it’s evil…and it’s annoying. Especially when melee damage is the only thing you can do ><.

Berserk I cant control what I do, I usually dont have anything to cure it, and physical attacks wont stop it.

BLind is fairly simple to cure, though. Eye Drops are one of the few status healers I bother keeping aroudn at all times.

I keep ethers around for blind rather than eye drops. I think using esuna is better.

Last time I played a RPG I relied alot more then usual on items…kinda scary.

Confuse. Fuck confuse.
And how come it seems like when someone is confused they’re hasted as well and getting like 3 actions a round?

Several of the FFs are broken so that blind doesn’t work, or has very limited effects. In FF6 it flat out doesn’t work, due to the evade bug. In FF8 Squall has more than enough accuracy to be able to hit anything but cactaurs while blind, as can Selphie with her best weapon. In FFT most characters other than knights don’t have significant evasion since the computer tends not to use mantles.

Confuse is probably the worst on its own, though venom in FF9 is pretty nasty (IIRC you gradually take hp and mp damage, take no action and gain no xp, but I might be mistaken). Also worth noting is that damned heat status in FF9, where who ever gets hit with it dies after their next action.

Confuse, followed by Stop. How in the world do I heal Stop?

By casting go? Confuse is alot worse, I overlooked it.

Zombie from FFX, because that one version of Seymour would often follow it up almost instantly with Life-2, and then the Yunalesca battle.

Yeah, he wins.

I really don’t hate any of them, unless they lower my stats permanently… as I’ve never seen it happen, well :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Death Sentence when the Plague monster casts it on your entire party in FFIV. Count of 10 till everyone dies and no auto-revive.

The status effect combo I hate is confuse and mini. Just like when Ozma in FFIX casts curse on you inflicting poison, confuse, mini and blind. then he has a good chance of following a Flare attack after. but I think confuse is the worst, expetially(srry bad spelling)
If your character has a high attack power.

You guys agree?

Annoying that they made poison do 25% damage in FFX, whereas it was only like 5% in earlier games (yet like Seymour only takes 2%, but I suppose that was to at lease have some challenge in the game). Takes a nuissance ailment and makes it deadly.
Though I also agree that Confuse is really annoying, especially in FFX when you’ve pumped up the characters so much, and then Marlboro comes out.

Confuse in FFT was a motherfucker. Especially when those squids cast it on multiple characters.

That aging status effect in FFV was annoying too. Didnt that make you progressively weaker and weaker? There was another one that siphoned your life away at a steady pace. Other than that, I wasnt too worried bout them.

Oh, instant death was always a bitch, too.