Any EMTs here?

I’m finishing up my certification class and just joined the local volunteer ambulance squad. Haven’t gone out on any calls yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Apparently the town saves a bunch of money by not having a paid service, and patients get better care to boot.

I was simply wondering if anyone’s done this and how it’s affected them, since the EMTs I’ve encountered tend to be a little…unique, I will say. Ominously-ellipsed-unique.

Kids, this is what you can do with a Masters in Classical Studies.

It was a BA in History/Classical studies. The Masters is in Latin.


At least he’s not a lawyer.

Yeah, it’s not like there are useful or good lawyers in the world. Every single one is an ambulance chaser or a sleazy defense attorney. There’s nothing useful like plaintiffs’ attorneys, estate planners, etc.

The only reason good lawyers exist is to counter bad ones. You know this to be true :open_mouth: And even then they rob you blind.

I’m going to start EMT classes this summer. I’m a phlebotomist so I’ll be able to do IVs as well (EMTs cannot perform IVs in Nebraska)

Are my eyes deceiving me? Did Ramza just make a serious post? I’m impressed.

Well, a serious post not about WoW