Any dubbed anime that's DECENT?

So at one in the morning the other night I decided to turn on the TV and I found myself watching a dubbed Full Metal Alchemist for the first time (it was on Cartoon Network).

The guy who does Ed’s English voice is absolutely awful beyond all possible explanation. He sounds like a goddamn thirty year old with a head cold. I admitted that it’s probably so bad to me after seeing so many subtitled FMA episodes but still…shudders.

This led me to wonder. Are there any animes out there that are dubbed at least moderately well? Do all dubs simply suck or have I just seen ALL of the bad dubs? I’ve been curious about it for a while.


Trigun had a good dub…Cowboy Bebop wasn’t too bad either.

English subs? Most of what I’ve seen has been passable at best. There are some pretty darn amazing Spanish (Mexican) subs though.

Actually, Cowboy Bebop is a VERY good dub at times. And well, I prefer Spike’s japanese voice, but I WAY prefer Ed’s English voice. It’s like, a million times better.

I heard that Ed’s Japanese voice was supposed to be really ambiguous so you really couldn’t tell if she was a girl or a boy.

FMA seems well-done to me. The English voices match the mood of each character. If you didn’t like that one, just stick to subs.

Ghost in the Shell doesn’t have any characters that freak out like Ed does at times, so perhaps you might want to look at that.

Edit: To be clear, yes, GitS: Stand Alone Complex and GitS: 2nd Gig, the TV series, not the GitS movie.

FMA’s dub is nice.

Ghost in the Shell? Please tell me you’re talking about Stand Alone Complex and not the movie. The Ghost in the Shell movie was among one of the first anime I saw, and while my friend and I had heard that the dubbing was bad, we weren’t prepared for how bad it was. We had to switch it over to subtitles half an hour in because it was just horrendous.

As for good dubs, Hellsing is perhaps the best I’ve seen. They even go to the length of getting British voice actors so the accents are authentic. Cowboy Bebop was well done, as were Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. Ah! My Goddess (both the movie and series) also have good English voice actors.

Samurai Champloo has a good dub.

Also, Steamboy was pretty good too.

I ~hated~ the Hellsing dub. The ‘English’ accents were damn awful 9_9 So overdone, and they sounded so fake and stereotypical they really distracted me and I went back to the subs after just one episode.

Serial Experiments Lain.

Miyazaki’s movies have pretty good dubs.

I always considered Outlaw Star and .hack//sign to be pretty good dubs. Basically, as long as they don’t sound completely fake or have voices that make me want to scratch my ears out, I consider them fine.

the Disney dubs of Studio Ghibli movies are exellent because they actually get talented people to voice them

End of Evangelion is the greatest dub I’ve ever heard. I almost prefer it to the japanese version. Coming from me, who abhorrs dubbed anime with a passion, that’s saying a lot.

Yeah, everything Disney’s picked up has had actual Hollywood actors in the role.
I found Haibane Renmei to have pretty good actors, though the script itself was pretty bad.
The best dub I’ve seen by far is Slayers Next. Not only do the voices fit the characters well, the actors can actually act for the most part, and there are few cringe-worthy parts that aren’t part of the actual script. :sunglasses:

Huh??? I found Slayers Dub to be atrocious at best. Cynthia Martinez has such an aggrivating voice. In fact none of the voices fit all that well.

Oh well. To each their own.

You may be thinking of the OVAs, not the series. I agree that the OVAs left a lot to be desired. The series had Lisa Cortez (or some such) as Lina.

I don’t see why people swear that japanese VAs are better. Let me tell you guys something. 99% of things involving voice actors have a voice director of sorts, which makes sure that everyone understands the context of their lines, makes sure the voice actors chosen fit the part, etc. In America, the same thing exists, too. Not every japanese voice has an American equivalent. If you wanna see what I mean, take Neon Genesis Evangelion. Watch any episode that has a lot of characters speak. You’ll notice that in all four languages, Shinji, Misato, and other characters sound exactly the same; you’ll notice that other characters, like Gendo, sound completely different in all four languages. The reason is because of the voice implies; Gendo’s voice in every language implies a cold, calculating kind of person. Besides the fact that there are no people in Mexico talk like English Gendo does, English Gendo’s voice wouldn’t give you the same feeling if he spoke in spanish. Now sure, there are some games or anime that might lack good direction, or might just get bad actors, but that happens more in video games.

This is all coming from me, too. The guy that ONLY likes two animes in the universe. English VAs are good; get a grip, you damn nerds. :stuck_out_tongue: