Any conservatives here?

This place seems pretty liberal. Sometimes I think the only reason mods lock my topics is because im conservative. Any good conservatives here?

They lock your topics because your screen name scares the children.

Like yesterday I made a topic about this cool thing to get an ipod and it gets locked for “spam” when there was nothing spammy about it. I think they are just conspiring against me cause they are liberal buddies.

It was locked because that thing was a complete scam. Also, you were pretty much advertising another site without consulting the mods about it first.

No, they’re not conspiring. They’re locking them because most people here don’t want to be linked to offers that most likely have strings attached, and who consider them only a minor step up from junkmail.

They are however liberal buddies. Except the ones who’re secretly diatators-in-training.

Its not a scam, i have talked with people on ign boards who have done it and they showed me actual real pictures of the items arriving at their house.

And, of course, the IGN boards are entierly trustable.


If you dont believe me look at this .

Im so convinced its real im offering people 5-10 dollars paypal for each refferal I get.

It still counts as spam:

And a thread like that certainly qualifies under this rule. Thanks for the thought though.

EDIT: Actually, I dunno what to think now: If it’s genuine, all well and good, but it’s still spamming the forum. Sorry man.

That isnt my site, its just something that looks cool that people are doing on ign.

That doesn’t matter. You’re trying to get referrals for yourself, so you can get something, that sounds like spam to me.

Its not spam!!! Its no different than me finding any other site that requires you to sign up and just stating that it looks cool. Also im still offering 5-10 dollars via paypal for anyone who can get me a refferal which costs absolutley nothing no cc or anything stupid like that. If you are interested send me a pm or aim me at gditroop13.

Different forums have different rules. If you’re so desperate for referrals then go back to IGN and ask them to do it but RPGC doesn’t allow that.

Hello mr. omega, but as i pointed out im not advertising.

If you’re so convinced you didn’t break the rules then talk to SG, even though I highly doubt it will do anything.

The moderators say you are.
And as long as you are on the forums they moderate. They’re entierly correct.

I’m a Social-Liberalist.

Commie scum.


Who is SG? Stargate? Supergod? Segagoat?

Skankin’ Garbage.
One of the moderators.

okay, well if anyone wants 10 bucks paypal send me an aim at gditroop13.

btw i owned omega in ut2k4 last night :hahaha;