Any college students?

I’m on my second year [sophmore in US terms, I think] of my degree at Victoria,

Majors are accounting and commercial law. Althought I’m more interested in criminal law.

Already sorta had a thread on this in the main , but oh well. Bio major, slanting towards medical research. 3rd year/senior, I’ll have my BS in December.

19 turning 20 in July. Boston University about to be Junior. International Relations Major with E. European track (worth anything?), minor possibly in psych. Looking for active National Guard (it does exist).

There’s a Victoria University too? That’s creepy. I go to the University of Victoria (in Victoria, Canada) To make things zanier, my high school was called Wellington.

I’m finishing my second year (would be finishing my third year if it wasn’t for Bush). I just started a major in Political Science.

Right now I’m doing a Foundation Degree in Art (Specialism: Fashion) at Camberwell College of Arts in the UK…

Previously I participated in a couple classes at UCA in the USA until I could make it over here…

Next year I will hopefully be starting a Degree course in the Culinary Arts… (Hopefully also staying in London)

I still have no clue what I really want to do since I’ve had people telling me what I should be since before High School. I have taken classes in Interior Design, Medical Professions, Fashion Design, Drama, Choir, and many Art courses…

I am 19 at the moment going on 20 in August…

Gotta do a shitty science course this year because I got bored of life and dropped out of school at 14. Next 2 years though I’m doing Comp Sci, Physics, Maths and Philosophy, then my degree in Comp Sci.

I’m a business adminstration major specializing in MIS (Management Information Systems), aka computers. I’m going to be a senior in the fall. Damn! Time has really flied since I got here. Anyway, I’m attending a small private college called
Daemen College.

That’s really odd. Coincidence?

I just finished my third year (out of four) for my engineering degree. That’s at the University of Alberta, in Canada. Though I’m starting to get really tired of school, and science in particular; ever since I started writing I began liking the arts more and more. I’m not a typical engineering student by a long shot.

Just finished my freshman year at Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost, in Pittsburgh, PA. People always ask, “So are you near the city?” Well, the campus is about a fifteen minute walk from Point State Park, where the three rivers meet, so I’d say, yes. Why would I say IN Pittsburgh if it weren’t actually in the city?

I have just finished my last year at the University of British Columbia for my BA (major in mediaeval studies, minor in English language). My graduation ceremony is in three weeks or so.

Centennial College; I’m a computer programming student, on academic suspension until September. Boo.

Because I’m an Engineering student, I shouldn’t say this, but I envy you. After three years in Engineering, I think I have a greater liking for history than science.

I’m finishing my second year, with one year and a quarter left before I graduate. I’m double majoring in criminology/psychology with a minor in biology.

What are you planning on doing after college?

I am going to take a year to work and get experience teaching as a tutor. After that, I intend to go to graduate school, possibly in Great Britain if I can afford it.

Ok, well, what do you plan on doing as a career? I can’t really think of any jobs short of archeaology that would require your field of study.

I’m going to be a senior at Boston College in the fall. I’m a political science / history double major in the Arts and Sciences honors program and the PoliSci honors program, looking at law schools.

Professor. I fully intend (eventually, at least) to get a doctorate and to become a university professor. I love teaching, research, and writing, which is what professors do.