Any chance of meaningful updates for RPGC?

Something other than adding fanart and reviews.

Like for instance adding new shrines.

Such as, say, my Dragon Crystal shrine which has been done for half a year or so.

Maybe asking those responsible for posting updates directly might yield results. And why wait so long to ask?

The reviews have been positive so I don’t think you’ll be given much trouble, provided the people that do the reviewing get off their asses.

Something’ll get done during the winter. We became kind of cyclical once the bigwigs got stuck on a college schedule.

Yeah, unlike IGN the admins here actually have personal lives.

Yeah, so…
what they said.

Everything done on this site is a labor of love; nobody gets paid for it. The quality is better (in most cases) but it takes longer because… you know… the people who add content to this site have lives.

Yeah, like… Life.

Also, I think there’s been some technical trouble when it comes to the Shrine stuff. I requested a shrine a couple times and got no response. When I asked on the boards, it was technical trouble. I think it’s probably the same with your shrine.
So lives and the fact that computers are not perfect (or are, and intentionally make mistakes to fuck with us mere mortals, one of the two) account for this all pretty much.
I was disappointed by the lack of BURN-worthy comments within the actual post, by the way. The title was close to a burn, and I was hoping it got better as I read on. Yeah. Didn’t.
You get a D+ on your barbarian rage, only because your name is Dammit. If you had another other name, it’d go down to a D-. I wonder what youre parents will think of this, young man/lady.

Oh dear, now you’ve gone and mentioned join page issues. Have you written out your will? Oh well.

I basically went AWOL on the join page thing because I had “university” :frowning:

If it’s too much work for the admins then maybe it’s time to move this website out of the mid-90’s and let the contributors to add their own contributions.

I wish I had your life, if they only thing you have to worry about is how someone runs a website.

People, back off dammit. Christ.

And yeah, when you get in the staff, you’ll read a few threads that essentially refer to what you’re requesting. We’re thinking about it. You’ll see. I’m sorry that this is taking so long. I agree, it is excessive.

Wikizing RPGC? That sounds dangerous…

More dangerous than having RPGC stagnate? That’s what’s happening now. From having a couple of dozen shrines a year, we’re down to maybe one or two.

There are ways to ameliorate the “anyone can change anything” Wikipedia format (such as requiring login) which we probably will take advantage of.

Does Sephiroth Katana still have time to read his mail? I have a lot of ideas for a Final Fantasy XII review and want to send it to him so he can post it in Reader Reviews.

I assure you he reads his mail, however he may just not be interested enough to give you a response. He’s pretty busy.

Hmm. Semi-Wiki RPGC. Could be interesting …

… especially since there’s a typo in the Phantasy Star IV shrine (typoing “some” as “so” in the Rykros walkthrough) that’s been on my mind since I’ve read it …

Rest assured, I do read my e-mail. However, I get a lot of spam, so if you sent me something and I didn’t answer, try sending it again with a subject line like “RPGC Reader Reviews.”