antique games needed

Hey! I know this thread probably isn’t gonna field too many posts, but hopefully one of em will be useful enough for me to attain my goal.

I have long been searching for a version of “Scorched Earth” that
will work on a more advanced computer than Win 3.x I recently
tried to use the XP compatability wizard but all it did was claim
that I had no programs to install, even when the correct exe was targeted. Now, what I’m asking is… does anybody know where I can get a Scorched Earth version that works on XP? I wanna play oldskool!:moogle:

I have Scorched Earth, but I dunno if it’ll work with you.

You could try starting up in command prompt mode, I guess…

And if you liked Scorched Earth, try the Worms series.

actually, I have played Worms. I love those games, but I still want to play my scorched earth :stuck_out_tongue: I will give it a shot in the prompt mode to see if that helps

EDIT: Cless? Why don’t it work for me?