Anticipated Games

I can’t wait for Devil May Cry 3 and Tekken 5.

Devil May Cry 3 apparently is as hard and challenging as the first one, and plays like it too. Beside, Dante gets a guitar as weapon. It can turn into a scythe :open_mouth:

Tekken 5 just looks kickass, and has an element borrowed from VF4. Customize the looks of your character.

What games are you anticipating?

Beatmania IIDX 9th Syle Home, Tekken 5, and Animal Crossing DS, though thats a long time out. Nothing else really looking good =(

Megaman Zero IV
Megaman Battle Network V
Final Fantasy XII
Xenosaga Episode II
Samurai Legend Musashi

Wild Arms: Alter Code F

Thats all I have to say.

Wild Arms Alter Code F and FF12.

They’re making another Musashi game? Holy shit, I’m on it.

Ok, so that Mushashi Game, Xenosaga II and FFXII is pretty much it. I don’t really play that many video games anymore :\

Makai Kingdom (Phantom Kingdom JP)
Stella Deuse (sp?)
Shining Tears
Final Fantasy XII

Dynasty Warrior 5
Kingdom Hearts 2

Tekken 5
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim
Digimon World 4
Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
Wild ARMs: Alter Code F
Final Fantasy XII
Dark Cloud 3

The only thing I’m actually looking forward to that actually exists is Alter Code F. But I’m awaiting another Legaia or Ninja Boy game, too.

I second Dalton of Wild ARMs F. :smiley:

Kagero II: Dark Illusion

I read a review on this game. It looks like it’ll be a silent hit. I want to get it.

easily Gran Turismo 4, I played the first and third ones to death and #4 is shaping up to surpass them all.

No. It’s not like Silent Hill. They are fun, however. It’s sort of a puzzle game/action game. I got the sequel, on PSX. Well, sequel in the sense that RE1 is a sequel to RE0. It’s good.

Anyways, I’m awaiting to purchase Champions of Norrath 2: Return to Arms, and looking forward to DMC3.

Will be coming out: (Unless the Book of Revelation comes true)
KH:CoM (It’s not out in the UK)
Dakengaurd 2 (Jap: Drag-on Dragoon 2) (Manah is in it (1st Final Boss))
Warioware Touched (DS (& PSP) is coming out same week as GT4 and KH:Com) (I Love the GBA NGC games and the Demo)

Big Nutter
DOA 1+2 Ultimate (Erm, Bouncy-Bouncy?)

Xenosaga Episode: II
Wild Arms: Alter Code F

That new Musashi game interests me…

lol, I said “Silent Hit”. As in, it’ll be a great game that never gets much attention. Like vagrant story.

I think Final Fantasy 12 will be awesome. Many will probably disgaree, but I think the series faltered with FFX. Bring on Ninja Gaiden 2, that rumored FFVII remake, RE 4, and that predator: concrete jungle game or whatever it’s called.

MegamanX Collection
Annnd Animal Crossing DS!!!

Fire Emblem VIII(GCN).

Every single game you’ve mentioned.

Especially Kingdom Hearts 2!!!

Two-Bladed Sora ^.^ Blonde-kid, Unknown Mickey…drool