Anti-rape device?

Apparently it’s like a condom, to which the female inserts it into the vagina. Think of it like a penis mouse trap. :open_mouth:

Old/discussed already!

One year late, good going.

First hand experience Setz? Someone try to rape you?

<You guys are real morons>

I like how you said “first hand” experience.

I don’t get it

They were talking about the vagina death trap in my history class a few weeks ago! :o

Ooooh, innuendo for masturbation and hinting as how it is an important part of your life. Gee, nobody else caught that one.

BTW, hiding words in brackets is not very efficient.

I prefer calling it a penis flytrap.

I used this in the Shrining Help Forum but nobody except Cid and I checks that forum anyway so here goes

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