Anti GTA politicians find an unlikely ally

I’m speechless.

This is sort of like the alliance between Austria and Prussia during the Danish War only even more unlikely and more humorous. I read this through at least three times before I figured out it wasn’t a joke.


raises an eyebrow To be honest, it’s not jaw-dropping, and it doesn’t suprise me.

I don’t think it really should worry them, as I have a fair few doubts on violent video games causing kids to be violent themselves…

But I can’t blame them, since they feel that they would be at threat. Strange bedfellows, I suppose.

Firstly, these people shouldn’t necessarily blame the producer of the game for what they see as a problem, but look at the users and ask themselves why such a reprehensible game of rape and murder is so popular and succesful amongst a large chunk of people.

Secondly, there is no such thing as bad publicity and so the people that keep making a fuss actually make the problem worse by causing the product to be advertized further. Hell, even I’m starting to be curious.

Interesting, um, choice of words there.

You don’t rape prostitutes. They willingly get into your car, and you pay them accordingly. And nothing wrong with a little murder now and then.
(As a side note, you don’t get your money back for killing a prostitute after paying her. The money they drop is random, and sometimes nothing, regardless if you paid her or not.)

Prostitutes play video games? ::dekar!::

Tell that to the fuckin’ hoes, not us.

Wait what? There is an organization of hookers, and they have their own webpage?

I don’t understand how they’d get parents to boycott a game just because it’s sexual and violent. When we play GTA my dad also joins in and starts playing. D:

And isn’t prostitution illegal? They have no rights because they’re filthy criminals who are breaking the law! >:O

It’s legal in Nevada.

Uh. What. Is that true? If it is, I won’t be able to sleep for days. Evil Nevada.

Yeah, Prostitution is legal in Nevada, just not everywhere else.

Oh and… smacks dvd upside the head

It’s funny how buying sexual favors is illegal over here, but selling isn’t. Go figure.

ACtually, if it was legalized, then the government would be the pimp! (Who do you pay taxes/tribute/bling to?) :smiley:

In the end, it really just ends up increasing the problem since some mob is gonna take over the business…

(More and more pick-up attempts end with chloroform…)

I’ve actually heard some feminist rationale for laws which only punish johns. In some feminist circles, prostitution has come to be viewed as a kind of economic rape. Johns take advantage of the economic plight of the women by paying for sex. The belief hinges on the assumption that these women would not sell their bodies for sex if they were not in dire economic need.

Well, why not?
I know there was a lot of jokes/a few serious complaints about Mario beating a non-existing animal (Yoshi) so why wouldn’t people complain when the object recieving the violence resembles people, no matter who those people are?

Also, on the subject of prostitution. In history class we heard that it was once completely legal and even run by the state here in Sweden for a while (can’t remember the years, since ti was just something our teacher mentioned as trivia) because they figured that “men couldn’t control their base drives, and might as well get it out of their system” and that as long as no one was there to see it, no one could be bothered by it. ^^

It also hinges on pretending that there aren’t any male prositutes.

Oh, also, I just want to see a group press release against GTA: Captain Kangaroo, Joe Lieberman, Jack Thompson, and ‘Kitty.’
If the pro-game-rights journalists started asking any questions that they couldn’t answer, ‘Kitty’ would give them a ‘private answer.’

Well, yes, there are male prostitutes too, Arac. I’m sure the argument would be then that the males are getting raped because of their economic status. The feminists just focus on the female prostitutes because they’re women and women make up the vast majority of prostitutes.

Who’s going to join up next? Taxi drivers? Pizza Delivery boys? You can kill just abouit anyone in GTA games, yet it’s always the police and hookers that care about it. True, they’re probably more likely to have the same thing happen to them in real life, but that’s what you get when you have a dangerous job.

Hey, does anyone remember Carmaggedon?