Another Wild ARMs question

I just got the Gull Wing at full power. I heard of this area called “Ancinet Altar” near Giant’s Cradle where I could find a Rune, but I can’t find this place. There’s an area near the Cradle that I can onl;t reach with the Gull Wing, but there seems to be nothing there. Can someone help me?

I think I know the area you are on about, just give me a sec…

goes to check a walkthrough

Five minutes later…

walks back in

If I’m right just try landing in the area and walking about, if it really is there you should enter a new area, like going into a town/dungeon. Then just walk forward, until you find the alter and the new ruins. Hope that helps.

Hmm…it apparently isn;t there. The only time the screen zooms in is when I’m close to the Cradle, but there’s no other area apperntly…I;m going to check a few other cources, but if anyone else knows something, please help.

The guide said the rune in question was called the Sword Rune, if that helps.

Have you checked the mountains to the west, that maybe where it is hiding. According to the world map, it should be directly WEST of the cradle.

You may also wish to search in the mountian areas of Saint Centour, which is pretty close by. Since I have just found a walkthtrough that says it it is in that area.

If you still can’t find it GG, I’m out of ideas, and can’t help you.

I’m going to go check now…thank you very much.

Well than good luck!

Well, I dont knmow if my game is fucked up or what, but I STILL CANT FIND THE GOD-FORSAKEN THING!!! :too bad;

But im still looking…I havnt givien up yet…thank you anyway.

GG, teleport to Saint Centour, and fly a very little south (not even to the beach part of the continent) and then head east. You’ll see a field surrounded by a mountain range. That’s where you need to go.

Oh yeah, it’s invisible, too.

I am VERY sure that I have the right spot. Like I said, right now I’m chalking it up to a faulty copy of the game.

When you say “invisible”, do you mean that in the context that it wont even zoom in and show me the name of the place?

I walked over every inch of that area and pressed the action buttom, and the only placve where it even zooms in is when im near the Cradle. And even then, nothing.

So like I said, my game is probobly screwed up. It DOES freez occasionaly…not enough to merit returning it, but still.

Well, it zooms in and all. Maybe you do have a faulty copy? However, you should be able to proceed with Equitess. Just get Zephyr, Dan Dairam and Justine and you’ll do fine.

I assume that those are names of guardians.

Deep in my hear, I know I don’t NEED it…I just wanted to get everything. :hahaha;

I can survive without it. :slight_smile:

Yeah those are the names of the Guardians of the Runes of Hope, Courage, and Love, respectfully. THE best runes in the whole game!

As for the Sword Rune, I can’t think why you can’t find it, maybe you DO have a faulty copy, or something.