Another wierd ebay bid

If only I had the money…

I gotta steal me some condiments. Its selling for over 500 dollars U.S. For all people know this is some kid still living at his parents. not some foodless bum.

Check again. Its now seeling for $15,050. Damn, for just some condiments, that’s expensive.

Nah, it’s back down to $127.50, the person entitled “ibidonstupidshiz” seems to have ruined everyone’s fun. :get it?: I would have tried this before, selling salt on ebay, but I decided against it. :thud:

Had I eaten at fastfood resturants I would have started collecting those. By the looks of it, it would have made a nice source of income.

OVER $500. Fuckin hell

And everybody say … “Dubya Tee Eff, mate!”

Uhm… ok…