Another Thing Nobody Will Read

excellent entropic phobias
exit wounds seeping burning weeping
diamond tipped pens and cruxifiction weekends stare down at me from the sky
landforms free the carnival while the embers stop marching and explode fully
white forms moving against a sea of green destroying everything in their path recruiting the eloquent individuals and the stuttering masses to deforest mankind
filtering us with their rusty scissor autocracy they cull they reap sew mass pain increase the machine increase the machine
keystrokespenstrokesmiasma cholera dissentry oedipal doctrines all flow through all flow through my limbs
sit up and cover yourself and remember who you’re talking to
faeries exist and so do dragons they live inside of the underminedpassageways as well as outside and inside our humanexistance ever think about those dinosaur skeletons
ever think about how perhaps science is justifying them rather than our ancestors justifying them- dragons
who knows
they’re bones now so perhaps it doesn’t really matter or perhaps since they are bones it makes all the difference
I hope that your glasses break into your eye socket and tear your fucking flesh off
go into that ugly mind of yours extract all the diseasehaterapelies from it and replace it with cyanide or perhaps something more painful
rats don’t deserve a dignified death
vengeance isn’t in your heart truely it is not
vengeance isn’t in your heart truely it is not
vengeance is in your heart truely it is
destroy the fascist pig and and and and andanandandALLWILLbeRIGHTallRIGHTallwillturnRIGHT
destruction can be good and destruction can be bad but it is not your choice to hand it out like Halloweencandy
sometimes I feel like I have to do the right thing doing nothing can’t be the right thing can it I must do the right thing what is the right thing
if you don’t know the right thing than you must do the best thing you know
the best thing the one that harms the least and least of all yourself
distributing green paper fantasies isn’t a way to show love but sometimes its the only way the only way the only way
researching libraries look in tomes of lies and scrolls of wisdom everywhere both same place same book even find the lies the truth
the truth and lies

camraderie is extremely important to those who understand its meaning
camraderie is not slavery
camraderie is not a bridge it is a tower

kissmedon’ttouchmeholdmelovemepushpushawaypushpushnonono thats over
hugmetalktome good

perhaps indeycpherable cryptology is the only way to get around the silvertonguedravenhate

love is truth and so I shall not lie to you

I bow to the audience and go backstage where the truth is waiting
cry in peace

I learned this all through myself though I’ve seen it everywhere

<img src=“”> Um… what the fuck was that bullshit? It was really good, although I don’t know what it said.

Tenchimaru_Draconis: You know the comments anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Cybercompost: especially with mine
Tenchimaru_Draconis: No need to waste space with replies :stuck_out_tongue:
Cybercompost: “um… what the fuck was that?”
Cybercompost: “Thats really good- I don’t know what it said!”
Cybercompost: “What is this bullshit!?”

doesn’t read it :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird. Very weird. Reminds of of old Joe Haldeman books. Since these rocked, I have no choice but to determine that thiss rocks also. Nice one. An explanation would be nice though. ;;>.>

My mind is reeling.

Originally posted by demigod
My mind is reeling.

:yipee: yay :yipee:

Well, Pierson… I don’t want to explain it. You should interpret it yourself. It wouldn’t be fair of me to impose an interpretation on you. Also, interpreting it MY way would require me to reveal very personal things, which I don’t wish to do.

But, I guess I’ll give a general statement. Its about vengeance, friendship, love, trust, and morality; its not necessarily in that order. That is all you’re getting from me. =p

tossed cats.

mmm tossed cats.

I’m afraid I’ve already commented on this, but I will again. It’s pretty cool.

Originally posted by Pierson
Reminds of of old Joe Haldeman books.

A little late but…