Another thing I'm not quite sure what to say

Meh, they were being complete assholes too him
He was a little out of line but did acknowledge the fact that OH SHIT CAN’T SAY NIGGER EVEN IF SOMEONE IS HECKLING THE HELL OUT OF YOU

The crowd was there for him, not some wiseass in the front row.
Also notice how all the guy can muster is “CRACKAH” “WHITE BOY” and pretty much anything else you’d expect from someone really fucking stupid who was shocked speechless.

Damned whitey keeps kicking all mah niggas in da face D=<

Richards is an experienced comedic actor.

But he is NOT as experienced as a stand-up comedian. And as such he probably does not have as good a grasp on how to react to hecklers and/or put them in their place. Well, okay, obviously he doesn’t.

That’s what happened here. They heckled him, he got pissed and lashed out, because he was really frustrated. His primary sin was letting it get to him and NOT BEING FUNNY.

Dropping perhaps the most charged, most offensive word in American English also doesn’t help matters.

Its not just that he got pissed, its that he kept on going and going on stage.

Yeah when I heard about this I thought he just yelled something at them and moved on. I didn’t realize he went on about it for two minutes…

If I hadn’t read your posts I’d think this is the RPGC Kramer, since I don’t know this comedian guy.

That was entertaining, albeit in a completely different manner than originally intended. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah that was funny, cause he fuckin blew up. It’s hilarious how nobody refers to him as Michael Richards but calls him Kramer instead.

either way, Seinfeld is still hilarious. Good 'ol Kramer.

The difference between a white calling a black person “nigger” and a black person calling say a white person a “cracker” is that “nigger” has a lot of history behind. Cracker is more of a response to “nigger,” but it doesn’t have the same drive. Hell, it isn’t even Richards use of the word, it is his reference to lynching and how long he went on his racial thing. It is also his going after the audience as a whole and his playing whites as superior such as his “that’s what happens when you interupt a white man, don’t you know?” I mean, the guy he was calling a nigger and insulting took a lot before he got up and left and responded. Hell, he even left without saying much and Richards got on him for that. If was skilled at his trade, he would have found a funny way of dealing with the heckler and there are plenty of ways to be funny without involving ethnicity.

While we’re on the topic of racial insults, where did “kyke” come from? I’m aware of most of the others that are commonly used in society as insults, but this is the only one that I’ve no real knowledge about.