Another reason to buy the PSP on release.

Yep, it’ll have a short as hell battery life. I’ll be at the front of the line for this piece of crap… Why make a portable system when a person can’t play it portabely easily?

GB DS for me. I don’t think Sony realized what they were biting off with the PSP. Nintendo has been doing portable for years and they’ve only now more or less perfected it.

It’s portable, yes, but not mobile. You can move it, but not move around and use it. As with all devices it’ll take a while to perfect it.

The PSP is going to suck so much. Not only the battery life, but it gets so hot that you can’t hold it. I remember reading something about that on /. awhile back, wonder if they fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jeez, a few weeks ago, it looked like the PSP wouldn’t be coming out at all. Now it looks like they’ll rush a piece of shit.

Think we will have a N-gage 2 on our hands this season?

No. Enough people are stupid casual gamers that they will buy it just because it says “Sony Playstation” in the name, and can play movies, no matter how shitty the system is.

Um… Info, honestly. I hope to hell you’re joking. The PSP is going to suck COCK. Get the GB DS. It’s going to suck NOT. The DS already has a SHITLOAD of AWESOME games coming out for it. To name a few, Mario 64x4, Metroid: Hunters (Or something. This game is going to be orgasmic.), and the Animal Crossing DS. Shit. Holy SHIT. DS is going to rock.

<3 Ramza

I must be losing my touch for sarcasm. I thought my saying “being at the front of the line for this piece of crap” was a pretty clear give away.

It gonna drop in to bargin bin faster then the Saturn!!!

Big nutter
Save that and Prove it soon.

I thought maybe you were just a diehard Sony fan. >.>;

Wow, a post of yours I understood! Keep it up!

Anyways, I’m personally going to wait and see what Nintendo’s successor to the GBA is (they’ve insisted it won’t be the DS, and that the DS was not meant as the GBA’s successor). Failing that, its the DS. But I have better things to invest into.

Me too. Such as, uh, a GameCube. And, uh, what’s your sig about, IonMage?

A nice fad that originated from the Half-life community, and proliferated into the PA forums. Basically, we were making fun of Gabe Newell, the lead designer of HL2. Then there was a funny photoshop (sort of :P) that had the phrase in my sig in it. I actually posted it in the “Steam issues” thread, so I wont post it again, but do a Google Image Search for STEAM STEAM LOL, or for Gabe Newell

Steam is the electronic delivery system, and matchmaking system that valve is using for HL2. So much so, that the image in question was funny.


[/thread derailment]

Not everyone understands sarcasm, satire, and irony; it’s why I get hate mail at work.

Nintendo invented the handheld market. They hold it with an iron fist. DS is going to rock. Heil DS!

Big Nutter

the only reason that i liked the PSP was because it looked sexier and had an analog stick which is a must for 3-d games.But im thinking of changing my mind and get a DS on account of Nintendo having more experience and all.Also, badass games are going to be released on it, including ( well not sure just yet) the favorable Chrono Trigger sooooo making the DS superior! =)
hey…ever wonder if microsoft will make a handheld just for competition?I mean Sony and Nintendo make them, so why not?

Microsoft would proove it had braincells to stay away from the handheld market unless they have a good working machine, not just an idea like Sony. microsoft should really just stay in console games. Halo 2 drools

Fuck the PSP. It’s a piece of shit like most of Sony’s consoles. And the new PStwo sucks, too. I’ll get the DS instead. Just for FF3 and CT, and other games, too.

I’ve owned both a PS1 and a PS2, and both crapped out on me. :frowning: which is sad because there are good games for them.

The PSP is still gonna suck worse than any other game console ever made. Good Idea, but it needs work