Another PS3 exclusive bites the dust...

Bit more reputable source this time though I do seriously want to hear it straight from Sega themselves…

Eh, I’m not surprised. The PS3 costs a lot, launch titles blow ass, and lack of supply due to Sony’s incompetence in productive marketing and customer satisfaction (which has continued to increase over the years; thanks Kutaragi) doesn’t leave much for developers that actually want to SELL games. I’m not saying that the PS3 is a shit sandwhich by any means, but Kutaragi fucked up big time, and I don’t like shit sandwhiches. Maybe after the price has dropped and they obtain more exclusives that don’t suck from third party developers, they’ll fair much better. At the moment, however, fuck Sony.

So now that the MGS/360 rumor has been debunked, how many exclusives does that leave? One?

Presuming that you’re serious, there’s 3 that I can think of. MGS4, DMC4, FFXIII and FFXIII vs.

edit: Wow, I’m retarded. Make that 4 and spank my ass back to math class.

edit2: Goddamn I’ve been dyslexic today.

I also think you mean FFXIII vs.

I typed that wrong. I’m an Idiot. I ment to type how many PS3 exclusives are now for 360 as well…

I don’t consider this one to be as big of a deal since Sega games have really gone down in quality in recent years. Hell, it alost seems like Sega games are only selling because of the reputation of their earlier games. This is still good for the 360 and bad for the PS3 though.

Virtua Fighter is probably among the most respected of 3D fighters, so that’s at least pretty cool from my standpoint.

I still probly wouldn’t play it though, seeing as I don’t really LIKE 3D fighters, and all…

The fact Sony lost DQ and now SEGA is following up, things are slowly but surely going badly. Its possible Square might do like they did for the N64 / Dolphin FF and stop the production and change platforms. Let’s hope.

The problem is that the Xbox is not a popular product in Japan and so its kinda hard for Square being a Japanese company, to consider going there. I don’t think that Square would put a main FF title on the Wii.

But it still selled very well in Japan this holidays,only because it had the Blue Dragon bundle,I don’t know much but the 360 is starting to have more japanese support,look at games like Lost Planet,Dead Rising,and the other Mistwalker game whose name I keep forgetting,it’s definitly showing that the japanese are starting to accept the 360.

Lookie there, keyboards have space bars.

At least they still have White Knight Story.