Another newb

Evening Lads and Lasses. New to this forum life. I am Irish, live in Manhattan, and recently free from the British Royal Army.
I generally role play via messengers. But I decided to give forums a try.
How’re the waters? Cold, just fine, or shark infested?

Can’t you feel ‘em circlin’, honey
Can’t you feel ‘em swimmin’ around
You got fins to the left, fins to the right
And you’re the only bait in town

You’ve lived an interesting life. I’d be interested in hearing about how an Irish man wound up serving in the British Army, got free and wound up over at Manhattan.

Are you from the North that you were able to oin?

The Berlin Wall coming down was interesting, the rest of it was just sitting around in bases most of the time. I’m getting closer to 40 and feeling my age. I came back from Iraq and got out of the country as fast as I could. They can pull me back into service if I still live there.
And nah. Dublin til 11, then down to Galway. Then down to Essex at 14.

From one new member to another, welcome =)

Thank you kindly, Lass.

I never got why people didn’t like swimming in cold water. I love it.

The Berlin Wall going down would’ve been something to see.

Hi new people. Sorry I couldn’t also say hi in the other thread. Too busy studying.

Well, before this thread’s locked too. Welcome to the Agora.:toast:

Note: We don’t usually act in the manner seen in the previous hello all thread. We’re usually locked in heady debates as to the political, economical, environmental, social, and athletic…ial situations of our time. You know, like a bunch of scraggly philosopher kings and queens.

Huh, funny the way new members tend to show up here at the same time. But anyway:

Welcome to RPGC, DaeusHellion! Please don’t take everything we say here too seriously (sometimes we get carried away with the jokes, but we’re nice people, seriously.) Check out all our boards, in addition to RPGs we also cover Anime, D&D, Fanfiction, and other stuff. Don’t be afraid to just jump into an ongoing conversation. Hope you enjoy the place!

Oh, and Simply_Mojo: I didn’t get the chance to clear things up on the other thread, but yeah, I was just kidding about you being a joke by a previous member. I was hoping to clue you in on the way we sometimes joke here. I’m really sorry if it bothered you in any way.

Also (this is to you both) you’ll find that the atmosphere varies from board to board; the Main One is more like the “cafeteria” were we relax and joke, while in the others the discussions are more focused.

Again, welcome, and have a good time! :wave:

Welcome! And yeah, try not to take stuff here too seriously. Seriously.

Besides, the more people, the better! Other than that, I’ll just say that Killmore and Wil pretty much summed up anything else I was thinking.

I certainly don’t usually challenge entire towns in Upstate New York to fights.

As far as I’m concerned, you can challenge Syracuse to a fight. There’s nothing good there, anyway. <_<;

Yeah, everyone I know who lives or has ever lived there has hated it.

I’ve been to Syracuse!

I was there in February 2007. It was around 45 degrees and raining.

Good, we need new <strike>victims</strike> members to keep this place alive.

Welcome. :smiley:

Thanks kindly to all the welcomes. I hope to settle in here nicely.

I would say Rochester too, but since my family are Red Wings fans, they’d have a fit. Anyway, heya. Welcome to RPGC, have a good time.

Hooray, another Irishman in our forums! drinks a couple of guinness in your honor :toast::toast:

Forgot to mention I have a little Irish blood in me as well. Grandmother’s maiden name was Adams. (The Grandmother that enjoyed drinking all day anyway)