Another little poem from me... I gusse you could call it a poem.

Here’s a little something. It’s something I realised over the past day.

Light of the foregotten…

I lost it
I lost it a long time ago…
When I was young…
and still had hope.
But now, I don’t know,
I lost it…
my light
my hopes
my dreams.
I see nothing but pain and sufferage around me…
caused by me.
Those are in pain cause of me


But then,
you came.
You taught me to be strong
and kind.
Now, I’m searching,
searching for what I must do.
I’ve been away for so long.
Now, I’m home.

I know what I lost
I know I can’t get it back,
I can do what I alwaysed wanted to do.
and that would be…
Thank you… so much…

There we go. Just a little something I made. I think I’ll post whatever little poems I come up with. I hope you liked that one, though, it’s probably not as good as Open your eyes… buh meh?

BRAVO!!! that was magnificent!

Thank you Charl. That means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

Well, Being a Manic-Depressive, I feel your pain.

Thanks. you understand then…

Completley. But when I form my depression into art, people make fun of me.

Aww… it’s ok. I’m sure they don’t understand your way of putting it. You’ll be all right, won’t you?

Yeah… anyway, I’ll let you get back to your topic.

I love it Chris. Kinda reminds me of myself a while back. :slight_smile:

Pretty damn cool CC. It actually makes me wantto have another little stab at writing!!

Here’s another one… hope you like it…

To ease the pain…

Use this to ease the pain…
When I feel it, it’s gone…
No more pain…

Like when the sun kisses my cheeks,
it’s warm.
I smiled
since when do I smile?
Since today.

I’ll be here…
to ease the pain.
the hurt.
the weak.
the suffering,
the hate.

There we go! :slight_smile: I hope it’s ok… dunno but meh? shruges

Excellent, you’re pretty good at this.

simply beautiful Chrissy. I love it. :slight_smile:

That is another very cool poem, keep writing them.

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

Angsty filth.

Am I to assume she’s talking about her pathetic online relationship?

It’s not filth. She’s just writing from the heart, last time I checked there were no restrictions on the mood and tones of poetry.

SCP: If you say something like that, back it up please.

Thank you.

Just back off SCP, if you aren’t going to either give advise/constructive criticisim or praise, then just stay quiet. Got it?

Can I post a poem? I know it’s not RPG but still, it’s about Lu Bu a Chinese warrior from about 1800 years ago. He is also in the game series Dynasty Warriors and my personal fucking hero.

I am the one,
The Strongest warrior,
Remember me,
Lu Bu is my name.

I lived a warrior,
I died a warrior,
Not one man could slay me,
Not ten,
Not a hundred,
I fell to a thousand,
Heavens hear my name: Lu Bu

A spear,
A sword,
An arrow,
An axe,
How did I fall?
What does it matter?
Who remembers me now?
I am Lu Bu,
Remember me,
Remember my power,
Remember my fate,
I am Lu Bu,
Remember me.

I call it Lu Bu: Warrior among men. What do you think?

And SCP fuck off, to CC her relationship is not pathetic, to me it isn’t and to Orakio it isn’t, and personally I and if you haven’t noticed a lot of other people enjoy CC’s poem’s. And if you don’t like it:
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Oh and Chrissy: your poems rock.