Another hair dye expedition.

I dyed my hair auburn red today, but it turned out a purply color. It still looks nice, but it’s not what I really wanted. Note the photo to the left is not my current hair, it was taken hours prior to dying.

I’d take a photo, but my digital camera died, so I’ll get a photo up ASAP.

However, a question. As odd and absurd the question, I must ask it. How can I damage my hair?

Prior to dying my hair, my hair would be all bushy, and kinda afro-like after washing and drying, but after dying my hair, the hair feels as if it’s ironed to my head. It is unable to bush up like it did.

I inquired to my friends, to whom one said that it only bushes up when it’s damaged. So an indication of damaged hair is that it’s all staticky, and bushes up. I liked the bushy look. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I look like an emo noob like Steve.

Are there any hints on how to damage my hair, or to make it appear bushy? Also tips on lengthening hair would be appreciated.

…Tips on lenghtening hair? Wtf. My tip is that you’ll have to go through an ugly-hair-length phase, but what would be the difference with your current look anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: Also, why the hell would you want to DAMAGE your hair? I’m at a loss of words. I still don’t understand how you can possibly come up with such posts on this board, rraaaaghgaljha.

(although, I have to say I know what you’re talking about with this ironed look, but I prefer my hair straight so I don’t know, try hair spray/foam or something :P)

Well, I want long hair without the process of waiting months and months.

Did you try magic?

You look nothing like steve.

dev, you’re right, im not that much of a noob

You honestly have no room to speak on such subjects. Steve is like a billion times cooler than you, and he’s not even that cool.

If you can’t comb it I’d say you did damage it. Try washing with conditioner.

I’m trying to damage it.

Well, when I dyed my hair it just became bushy and staticky through normal wear and tear. So, I guess just let the dye settle in and hope for the best.

I saw this the quick link to this topic and I thought to myself, “Hey, look setz made another thread about his hair”, then I clicked on it and I was correct, go figure.


So you want your hair kinda bushy/afroish? I don’t think that means it’s damaged. Try volumizing products like sprays or conditioners. There’s no way to lengthen hair other then waiting for awhile unless you want to try hair extensions. o0

I would try using a different brand of dye maybe you could find one that keeps your hair like it was before.

0 x 1000000000 = 0?

Shave the front of your head and then tie the hair to the back hair. It’ll double the length (almost) right away and the only side effect is frontal baldness.

We need another one of these threads like we need an argument between Hades and I about music.

from the picture, your hair looks like mine tends to when grown out. it is probably best left no longer than an inch or two long.

Uh. Wow. There’s no real secret to this. You just need patience, which I really doubt you have. Good luck… NOT.

I vote Setz try this one.


If you want to damage your hair, do us a favor and put your head in a blender. Damage guaranteed.