Another call for help

Ok… I check my check account and see I only have 30-somethin $ left… for the rest of my term (one month to go)… HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY !!! (Yeah, ugh ><).

So, the GBA + Games REALLY have to go… I’m really desperate for cash now, so I’ve reluctantly thrown TO : TKOL in the bundle.

New totals : 230 US $

                 320 $ CAN $


I’ll give you twenty bucks for all your soundtracks!

pm me your gba games

Ouch, that’s gotta be a blow, selling games and soundtracks and all…if I had some cash, i’d just loan it to you so you’d not have to sell them. Unfortunately, i’m currently unemployed. Sorry man :frowning:

Don’t sell your STs, DG! Sell your mother, sell your clothes, sell your organs, but please don’t sell those STs!

I might be able to loan you some cash if you’re in a pinch. I don’t have much right now, but I’ve made all my rent and tuition payments for the year, and I have a couple hundred dollars in my bank account. When do your next student loan shineys come in?

Selling my soundtracks ??? Are you CRAZY ??? O_o

No way in hell I’m selling ANY of them, not even that god-awful DQ Collection NES thingy…

Kero : Shinys don’t come until next september… Save your cash… You need it. Eventually, somebody will bite the bait.

<img src=“”> I’d buy it, but I’m roughly 200 USD short, so unless I manage to find a job… yeah.