annoying FF7 problem

Whenever I’m at Fort Condor, I choose to help fight, but I can never trigger the battles easily without losing all of my money. I donated 4000 this time, and then choose not to help, so I can say that I’m ready, but then the guy says “Hey we’re a little short, could you make it 4000?” And he keeps saying that everytime I donate. I donated 8000 the first time and he kept saying “could you make it at least 4000?” so I reset my game because that was ridiculous.

…? This ALWAYS used to happen to me every playthrough. I had to donate insane amounts of money and reset repeatedly whenever they made me give too much…what is going on? How much should I donate to make him say that I can fight?

EDIT: Never mind, you can tell I havent played in awhile, hehe. I get what I said was wrong. I feel stupid. Ignore thread.

So you remembered that the battles are triggered by plot events and not by the amount of money you give?

Well in this playthrough, it was my first time going to condor, and that’s when the first battle is, but I could never get the battles to start cuz he always asked for more money. So I solved my little problem by not donating money and just saying that I was ready.