I have finally got some broadband connection (DSL) and now I am finally into downloading it. However, I only find it in sites that only keep the low quality version so as to lower their bandwith usage, sites that only allow me to donwload it after I’ve been a member for 10 days and other asorted assholeries. I’d like to know if someone has a decent link to a place where I can get it full and high quality.

Internet TV is your best friend.

When they release the final Part 5, they’ll have a torrent of the entire thing in high-quality. Get it then.

I could try sending it to you Ren…dunno how long it would take though.

Try the links on there, but you probably already tried them. Dont wait, cuz it’s too great to miss. Plus when part 5 comes out everyone will be slowing each other down trying to get the torrent.

So yeah, if you don’t have bittorrent then you probably cant get it at a decent speed. The high quality version, I mean. But yeah, if you can leave your computer on tomorrow (Sunday) or something, i’ll send it to you.

I found a ftp server with it in, and it’ll allow me to download at my DSL’s max bit transfer rate, but the download has been scheduled by then to April 17. They have 1+2+3+4, and will have 5 as soon as it is released.

If I were to get it from you, Eva, on best conditions it would take some 3 hours.

It took me 6 hours to get because the torrents were very slow due to everyone wanting to get it (or I figure something like that). Just PM me when you want to leave your comp on and I’ll send away.

Will PM you on Saturday then :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking…well, we watched it the anime club once, this semester. To be quite honest, that’s about 45 minutes of my life I kinda want back. It was interesting at first, but it went on for soooo looooong…I’m pretty sure I zoned out a few times during that thing.

Yeah if it doesn’t capture your attention at first, you’re prone to find it boring. I started watching it in sections, 10 minutes of anime/song over a period of two months, and then they would release another. Being exposed to all of it at once may turn you off, I guess.

Having to sit through the first twenty-odd minutes of cool-to-average parts 1 and 2 to get through to the awesomeness of parts 3 and 4 is the most annoying bit, and well, that’s what fast-forward is for.

I’m not really holding many hopes for part 5 being as good as the previous 2. I’ve listened to it a LOT after Eva sent it to me (I love you btw ^.~) and the songs just are not as catchy or cool. Meh. <— that’s where i got all my Gundam Seed episodes~

Dude part 1 and 2 rocked, it was part 4 that sucked ass :stuck_out_tongue: Well it was good but well it consisted of average to good music and the scenes just weren’t that eye catching. After 3 debuted, 4 didn’t have a chance in hell to be as good, so, well thats my opinion. 3 was the peak, 4 was on its way down and part 5, its good, until the middle of it and then the music just gets honkey. I hate it. Such a shitty ending to such a great medley.

Damn right. It just… I don’t know what happens to it. Where they trying to find the jokiest crappiest anthems they could find? ;_;

There were some bad video-to-music choices, some of the sections could have had better anime’s in them, but some of the bits were still good. Part 3 (I think I remember it, i had to delete it last month ;_:wink: was the best IMO.

yeah I hate it when the anime goes bad with the music. It ruins like the whole mood for me.

1 seemed to stand on its own, 2 was kinda dark and subtle (uninteresting to me, for awhile, and then the music just turned awesome for me) and led up to 3 which was the ultimate, music including and then 4 was the cheesey stereo typical early 90’s eurodance where mostly women sang those kinda songs. It didnt seem to be as diverse as 3 which is why I didnt like it as much. And then the beginning of 5 was ok, right up until the end of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and then bang it sucked. Music wise. We’ll see soon how the videos hold out.