Anime'se fighting game

A few years ago, there was an arcade fighting game with very nicely drawn animé characters. I don’t remember the name of the thing… I only remember that one of the female characters’ stage was a studio, and when this character was fighting in this stage, she kept looking at the cameras. I also remember this game had lots of boob-shake too.

Does anyone remember a game like this? I’d like to find out its name.


No… Hmm…

Dunno! Never heard of any games that sound like that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see if it’s what I’m thinking about: Did the main female character have a waitress outfit, long (Really long) red/brown hair (It changed colors from game to game, but always the same shape) and F-Cupish breasts?

2D or 3D? The only games I can think of in 2D that had anime-ish style art is Street Fighter Alpha 3 (though admittedly that’s pushing it a little), Guilty Gear XX, and Melty Blood. I can’t really think of ANY 3D games with anime-style art.

I remember seeing that at an Anime con, it looked really good but cost like $75 cause it was imported.

It was 2D. SE, I’m not sure, but could be that. What game do you have in mind?

did the music completely kick ass?
Cause… studio sounds like I-No from Guilty Gear. Did she have a guitar?

I can’t remember if she had, nor the music >_<

Nobody in GGXX has a “studio” stage; I-No’s either found in this sorta Venice-type place, or against a sort of red empty field with thunderstorms going on. Here’s I-No’s “non-Final Boss” stage.