Anime Zombies

Are there any anime that have zombies? If so where? Which ones?

I’m sorry, I got to ask, what is with you and zombies? Really. I mean, I’m the resident zombie survival freak, and even I’m thinking you think about them too much.

I’m a zombie freak through and through. Anything zombie has my interest. Just so long as no real zombie comes along to tear me to pieces.

It would cool to see an anime on zombie survival >_>.

that would be cool. One of the manga books I found taught how to draw manga like zombies.

Hellsing…there’s plenty of zombies in it.

…of course, Alucard annihilates them with the glee and ease of a child eating Skittles, but still, zombies.

Yeah, and I’m the one with a fetish, yes, that kind of fetish, for zombies. Those are pretty much the two message board zombie roles. Killer and lover. Bad cop, and, well, much worse cop (I’d rather be shot by a cop than sex one, so this may be my bias), survival and adventure. Yin and Wang.

And, Trill, that’s nothing against Zombies. Alucard does that to pretty much everything. Including good taste in clothing.

Doesn’t it have about 12 episodes though? Correct me if I’m wrong, I havn’t seen it for awhile.

I’ve been meaning to watch that. It has werewolves too I think.

Arac I am the third zombie enthusiast, the zombie master! I collect nearly all things zombie, with the exception of anything that has uber sex in it.

You spend alot of time at the graveyard at night don’t you? You do what you do shrug

I’m not THAT into Zombies, that I’d do something illegal

I’m not entirely sure on account of only having seen 4 episodes, but I think Burst Angel may have zombies. Although I’m not sure what you mean by “uber sex”, so it might not fit your qualifications anyway.

Try Gungrave…it has zombie like monsters.

Zombie Powder is a good manga although I’m not sure if there is an english version yet.I got a preview of it in my Shonen Jump.I used to be so obsessed with werewolves,lycans,wolf man,etc. that I actually thought I was one.I searched Google EVERY day so I could learn more about them.Same was with my cousin only he thought he was a vampire…It was fun while it lasted…

Don’t bother reading Zombie Powder, it never got finished and ended on a really fucking irritating cliffhanger.

That’s where you and I, and probably you and Val, differ.

if by illegal you mean “Would kill a human being in cold blood, including my sister, if I only had reasonable suspicion he/she was going to become a zombie”, then yes, that’s where we differ.

If I thought someone was going to become a zombie, I might kill them, but I’d have to be 95% sure.

Ilegal would mean digging up bones to turn the corpse into a zombie.

Uber sex means a lot of sex is part of the story line, nudity lesbian kissing, etc. Stuff thats been put in simply to tittulate, and not further the story line.

95%?Why only 95% sure?What if the 5% percent was true?

At 5% I’d be keeping them in isolation until I was sure.