Anime you hate

Love Hina

I cant think of any others right now, what animes do YOU hate?




Dragonball and Sailor Moon

Pretty much all anime that isn’t Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop, I’ve disliked.

But ESPECIALLY, FL-fuckin’-CL.

I’m gonna mention FLCL too, just to get a rise out of people, since there are so many here who adore it. I’ve never seen it by the way, but I guarantee it sucks.

Zatch Bell and Tokyo Mew Mew

Anything involving monsters, duelling, or trading cards of any kind.

root search.

I forgot Beyblade and Yugioh, both of which I hate infinitely more than FLCL

FLCL is hit or miss. Plus, it appeals more to people who like a lot of other animes, expecially if they’re able to catch a lot of the outside references.

Anyway, becides the obivous, I really disliked G Gundam.

I second both of those, and add Yu-Gi-Oh! to the list. I hope you were including every iteration of Dragonball there, because if you weren’t, I am. I’m gonna throw Gundam in there, too.

Hmm, I like most anime I watch. I try to give everything a chance.

I don’t like shows that drag on forever though. :spam:

Almost all of it when they repeat that whole “One guy + 5-10 Girls who want Guy - Guy’s sex drive = Love Comedy” crap that always feels the same.

While were on animation, I think Teen Titans is visually disgusting.


Flcl, cat soup, dragonball of any sort, sailor moon, yugioh, pokemon.

I predict more posts to say one or more of the following: flcl, dragonball, sailor moon, yugioh, pokemon. You should have made a poll with those choices and then others would have to make posts.

It tends to be the animes that are aimed …4kids are the ones that make one want to puke up their pastel marshmellow bit cereal. I should call myself a part time lover of bad anime, since in the past i did watch sailor moon, yugioh, and pokemon(i’ll probably watch another episode of one of those someday :frowning: ). They are repetitive: oh no bad guy only the power of friendship can defeat them! And why is it always the blonde character or the airhead the one the most powerful to take them down? >_<

Yugiohs card game is interesting in a way, too bad i’m no good at making strategies. Think i watched pokemon as long as i did because the creatures, er most of them are cute. The kid commericals are annoying as well as the music for the shows. Pokemon’s end theme was some rap thing just like One piece’s.

Wolf’s rain was annoying, in the beginning it was so boring the characters were always running, think that went on for a good 10 episodes or more. Then there are the last couple of epsiodes where they kill every bloody person off. >_< I got sucked into it too, probably cried once or twice grr.

If there’s only 13 episodes of aquarian age, then it did suck though songs were okay except for the guy band’s music.

Teen Titans doesn’t need to be visually appealing. It’s target audience is mainly kindergarteners and it’s not anime.

I can’t say there’s a single anime series I hate. Even those like Pokemon or Digimon deserve my respect for their pulling anime toward the mainstream. There are those I don’t particularly care for, Digi- and Pokemon included, but that doesn’t mean I hate them.

I’d say Arjuna was my least favorite, though. I don’t hate it, but I couldn’t ever muster up the will to watch more than 2 or 3 episodes. It was just boring, really.

Every but a very few.