Anime songs (not a request this time!)

I was hoping people could recommend nice anime songs for me. I’m kinda looking for sad songs, something like Last Exile’s ‘Over The Sky’. Thanks. ^^

Finale from Larc~en~ciel(?) or something like that is kinda melancholy.

Ai Just On My Love

Mmmm… Maybe “Aura” from .hack//SIGN. Although the song is more psychotic than it is sad.

I thought the ending song from the third season of InuYasha was pretty sad. I liked it.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi/Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai - “Anata no Kokoro ni”
That’s about it. Someone else suggested “Wind” from Naruto. I second that.

Oh man…

Lullaby from Key the Metal Idol
Gravity, Heaven’s Not Enough, Tell Me What the Rain Knows-Wolf’s Rain
Lilium-Elfen Lied
Komm Susser Tod-End of Eva- the song is upbeat enough, but the lyrics sure arent…

I’ll get back to you. I’m drawing a blank.

Wow thanks ^^ I like the eva one ^^

no prob. glad to help.

Daichi no LA-LI-LA from Scrapped Princess (not quite sad, but very nice)
Half Pain (Witch Hunter Robin)
Those are the best ones of this type that I know about…

Heh, that one gets on my nerves, lol. It’s not as bad as that other one from the single, though.

It does have a tendency to stick in your head, yes. :sunglasses:

The opening theme song to G Gundam 'cuz its funny.