Anime-Otakus/Prince of Tennis

Does anyone know what the deal with a-o/prince of tennis is? the series has been over for a while and yet the main fansubbing group is about 20 episodes behind (but nevertheless slowly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . coming out).

when looking for alternate groups, i found shinsen? maybe sonchou . . but after my experience with them and Full Metal Alchemist, i don’t feel that downloading their translation would be better than trying to translate the japanese MYSELF!!

if anyone knows what is going on at anime-otakus, or is interested in the 178 episode show on tennis (with only 152 episodes translated), then i’d like to talk about it in this forum.

the show doesn’t sound like it has the best idea behind it, but each episodes plot . . the characters . . all make for a great show. i think it’s rated in anime news network’s top 200 . . or at least should be. if you even slightly enjoy tennis (or even mario tennis) i’d strongly recommend this show to you (assuming anime-otakus will one day finish subbing it).