Animal WHAT

Can’t we humans stick to screwing each other up instead?

I know Europe tends to be more liberal when it comes to freedoms, but still…jeez…

Obviously not.

It’ll be banned the moment our daft politicians realise it hasn’t already and that there are people who are actually willing to have sex with animals. And you shouldn’t read Aftenposten. They’re narrowminded, lousy, and I don’t work there.

Conservatives? We’ve a lot of conservaties if you go by our standards sure, but compared to the rest of the world, we’re all at least light pink. The reason why we haven’t had a big outcry is that hardly anyone knows that it is in fact legal and even less can imagine that someone would actually abuse that fact.

Nothing new. They had monkey bordellos in Thailand for example for yeeeears now. Still, kinda sad it’s in Norway. You’d think they’d not be as backward. Still I’m surprised that the outcry wasn’t bigger considering the amount of conservatives there.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to stories about men wanting to fist fuck a horse up the ass and being legally allowed to do so.

I’m scared.

Your resistance only makes their penises harder, pony!

Oh flying f**k.

Soon we’ll have pedo bordellos too.

Kex, those already exist in many places.

To everyone: sex with animals is also legal in Washington state. Remember, remember, the 5th of July, the horse, the anus, the guy. In fact I see no reason why these perv’s freedom should not be denied.

…why does Hostel immediately pop into my mind? >.>

Because you associate sex with violence?


I’m less surprised by the existence of animal nunneries and more surprised that these aren’t occurring in Holland.


Now they’ll have to prove the animals get physically or psychologically harmed to outlaw the practice. I’d love to follow the discussions on the second subject. Or on the sociological impact. Fun.

It’ll be either high philosophy or RPGC happy hour.

Wouldn’t surprise me if that actually really did exist somewhere in the depths of eastern europe. o.o

The most disturbing thing about all of this is that it suggests that maybe Rick Santorum was right.

And my blood is running COLD at the fact that I actually just typed “Rick Santorum was right.”