Animal Crossing: Wild World

Come join in the animal sex fun.

Name: Rhaka
Town: Estoria
Code: 0473-0674-2541
Fruit: Apples
Imported Fruit: Cherries, Oranges, Pears, Peaches, Coconuts


Name: Taran
Town: Srathmore
Code: 1160.2602.4416
Fruit: Cherries

Name: Caroline
Town: 4Chan
Code: 4810.9811.1580
Fruit: Oranges
Nook’n Go

Yea i play a girl, so what? She’s sexy :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is the right topic for this, but I got this for Christmas. I usually just play WoW (and now) or CS Source.

Should I play this game? I loved the first.

Nah, you shouldn’t play it. Stick to WoW, I’msure it will steal most of your attention.

I’m getting this later, I’ll edit my post with my details as soon as I know. <_<

I’m looking for a shovel, seeing as Nook is being a cock and never stocking it, and upgrading tomorrow. Anyone got one for sale/trade? I’ve got some juicy apples for you.

We have one, but I need to use it a bit first.

I’m actually looking for one of my own, so uh <_<

Hopefully the bastard has some in stock on sunday.

I’ve finally got wirelessness in my house.

Name: Ruda
Town: Oz
Code: 1203-2613-9826
Fruit: Peaches
Imported Fruit: Coconuts