Angels and Demons

Just saw this film tonight and thought I’d give it a thread, since I haven’t done one for a while. Well must admit I really liked it. I think they managed to make a pretty decent attempt at it.

They left out a few details and changed a few things towards the end, I guess to make the film flow more smoothly, which it did so most of them worked out well I think. There was at least one thing from the book that I’m glad they left out Langdon jumping out of the helicopter with a parachute (and surviving), it just never sat right with me when I read that.

And of course keeping in the big plot tweest at the end of the film, very nicely done.

Oh well, so anyone else seen it yet? Or have any opinions on it at all?

haircut. no.

I didn’t read the book, but judging by the overwhelmingly positive comments about the film, and since I enjoyed Da Vinci Code, this could be interesting. The conspiracies of secret societies and the Catholic Church – this reminds of the Scientology thread, where our resident Illuminati made quite a splash. :wink:

Yeah, the movie is pretty good. It is a great interpretation of the book and is very faithful. They included many of the little details and took out only minor things.

It made no sense, for the most part, but was fast-paced enough and one track enough to be alright. I liked how Ewan Gregor was the bad guy in the end; I called it, but the filmmakers did a good job not making it obvious. The ending, beginning with the part where he saves the Pope who was drowning, was very well done. Also, the part where the one priest was burned alive was totally abrupt and shocking.

Info: I started reading the book, and there are some major plot changes. For instance, the first 1/5th of the book, where he visits the scientific research center, was deleted(and with good reason - its boring as hell as they talk about the science behind everything). Kohler was taken out, and he seems to be a major red herring from what I’ve read so far. Finally, the assasin was changed from a radical Mideastern sexually sadistic Illuminatus to a paid, seemingly beliefless mercenary

I’ve read the book. Like I said, for the most part they didn’t cut out a lot. There are somethings that aren’t necessary for the plot and the movie. Things in the movie that were cut didn’t add or distract from the plot. There are somethings that you have to change in a book to convert it to a movie.

I agree, but they still took out about 150 pages in the beginning of the book, deleted a major character, and completely changed the personality and identity of one of the bad guys. I agree that these changes were for the best, but it still seems like they’re pretty major.

Oh yeah, and I just remembered in the book how Ewan MacGregor’s characer was the son of the Pope, via articial insemination. That was definitely a plot point best changed; but still a pretty major change if you ask me.

If you guys keep giving Dan Brown money, he might write more shitty books/movies. =\

You can say that again. I’m suprised at how crappy the book is, and I assume the rest of the Langdon series. It seems to have been popular, and the movies as well, solely on the fact that it expresses controversial opinions about religion.

Langdon series? What you mean “The DaVinci Code”, since that is the only other book Langdon has been in, so far. Dan Brown’s other two books have had different protaganists.

And gap, even if we didn’t see his film, he is already working on another one anyway. So it wouldn’t make a difference.

Just so long as they don’t do a Digital Fortress film, I’ll be happy.

You must mean Priest, or they changes the plot a hell of a lot from the book.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. Still, in the book all four cardinals die, and the old, sinister looking cardinal who’s head of the ceremony and turns out to be a good guy becomes Pope.

I know what happens in the book, I own it. I haven’t seen the movie because 1. I hated the DaVinci Code movie and 2. Angels and Demons was the first book, not a sequel. I dont know why this annoys me so much.

I pretty much figured you had read the book. The detail about the cardinals was for the benefit of other people who hadn’t.

Angels and Demons came before the Da Vinci Code? I was wondering why it was published in 2000; it did confuse me, since if the Da Vinci Code came first(as I assumed), that meant that it was published in the 90s but didn’t attract the attention of Hollywood until 2006.

Yah, angels and demons was the first one. And its mentioned that davinci code is after angels and demons in the book davinci code. i think its only a few months later or something in the story.

Kasey from what I can remember there is about a year’s gap between the two books.

But overall it doesn’t really matter which one comes first, since they are both stand alone stories. I remember there being like two references to Angels and Demons in the DaVinci Code book, and about the same number in the film, to the first one. So it doesn’t really matter all that much, still odd that they changed the order, but oh well.

You told us all you were illiterate. DDDDDDDDD=

GAP: By the Anne Rice Certainty Principle, they will go downhill in quality and uphill in self-importance at an exponential rate as the series continues.