Andy Kaufman, back from the dead

Well apparently Andy Kaufman faked his death 20 years ago and has resurfaced.

I’m not sure what the point was for this, but it’s pretty amusing anyway.

I’m not quite sure that either of those sources are necessarily true. I checked a couple of news sources and they all contradict each other. I don’t know who to believe…

Dead or alive, Andy is still managing to confuse the hell out of us.

The releasing agency, PRWeb, is a free wire service that will distribute anyone’s press release, about anything, free of charge. (Another recent PRWeb release — “Ambassador From Mars Receives 181,634 Spam Emails; Says ‘Earthlings Are Not Ready’ and Takes First Available Saucer Back Home” — demonstrates that nothing is considered too silly to be distributed on their wire service.)

GG Thx c-yas!

The person who made the blog didn’t even do it convincingly. Andy Kaufman would NEVER, EVER say that Tony Clifton was his character. In fact, Tony Clifton and Andy Kaufman both claimed that neither of them had met.

Damn, I hoped it was true :frowning:

I hoped it was true too. However, the blog is what makes me believe that it isn’t true. I’m sure that Kauffman would know about Man on the Moon explaining a lot of his pranks and might admit that he is Tony Clifton now. However, the real Kauffman would come out as himself to prove it, not as Tony Clifton. Hell, Tony Clifton is always apprearing, he isn’t that hard of a character for anyone to do. It’d be cool if Kauffman did fake it though. I don’t doubt that Kauffman is smart enough to fake it, but the way this is being released is very poor and definitely not like Kauffman. The hoax site does bring up a good point about an actual appearance being much more in Kauffman’s character than a DNA test. Also, Kauffman wouldn’t want to go to Hollywood, that wasn’t him. He was a trickster, life was a performance. Hollywood would probably be the farthest thing from his mind.

I wish it wasn’t a hoax. From what I’ve seen he was a damned funny guy.

Good ol’ Snopes. Yeah, it would’ve been cool had he really faked his death. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stupid Snopes!
It ruins all the fun!

Who needs Andy Kaufman when we have Emperor_Hades?

…Hey, they look the same and shit ;>>

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Its like he’s looking in a mirror.

The only thing I don’t have is his massive sideburns.

Lucky you, sideburns suck.

Man. I wish Hades would fake his own death and leave the world alone for twenty years. >.> <.<

And Hades, yeah. Wow. That resemblance is uncanny. You should become the new Intergender Champion of the World.

Or just champion of the world, he has the intergender part.

I love you all.

So he is quite dead, then?