And you though the united states had young pop starts

This kid is badass

Thanks for giving me nightmares that will last me a long, long time. ;_;
99.9% of kids should never sing.

Yeah, GSM just mirrored my thoughts.

I’m horrified, appalled, and every other synonym for disgust I can think of. And I can’t get his damn voice out of my head! DAMN YOU! Slams head against a wall, continuously crying "BREAK TIME! as my mantra

Pop starts? you must mean Pop Tarts. what does this link have to do with pop tarts? are you stupid?

oopppso, tyrpo

so… this ISNT about pop tarts?

I think i saw a banner ad for pop tarts.

nope, toaster pastries

That was so…AWESOME. Why can’t I be like that?

The connection stopped in mid-download … for which I am probably glad.

I think that’s the kid that won or got honourable mention in an HK Idol contest that I posted about before.

Yeah, mini-william hung =P

Despite the fixed typo I had actually read the thread title as Pop Tarts, which only goes to show that corporate america is winning, one brain cell at a time.

I thought it had said pop starts, but I just noticed a bunch of typos :frowning:
And since comments seem horrid, I think I’ll pass on the movie

I couldn’t load the link, but the kitten in the Pop Tart box was worth coming into this thread for. :stuck_out_tongue: