And you all thought that emulation was bad.

Wow, poor Nintendo can’t catch a break with its games being stolen. It was already bad with roms and emulators (especially since Nintendo has rerelased older games and plans to do so in the future), but this just takes the cake.

I never thought emulation was bad. >-)

Anyway, this is emulation. All it’s saying is that people found out how to make dumps of NDS ROMs. GBA ROMs and flash carts have been available for years.

I’m really not all that surprised. It was bound to happen sometime.

This is a lie, there is no way to play commercial games on a DS. That “item” they refer to is a NeoFlashMX, and it doesn’t let you play roms of any kind. Its a development kit that acts as a flash-card, but at this time can only play demos.

You can also pass stolen GBA games onto it, and play them through the DS card, but trust me, you can’t play commercial DS games.

Whoever wrote that article researched it poorly, the closest thing we can do to real DS games is dump them.

EDIT: There most likely be DS piracy on the wide-scale that there was GBA piracy. The current accepted way of passing DS demos through the GBA interface is way too complex and difficult for most users to do. And it is limited by the size of the card in the GBA slot, meaning most commercial DS games wouldn’t fit anyway.

EDITEDIT: LOL! “Games will be bootable from the PSP Memory stick just days away…”

Yea, ok, whatever. We can already boot games from the Memory Stick, given a unupdated Japanese PSP. However, the 1.5 and 1.51 updates (that are standard with PSPs now, and you have to download in network update anyway), completely block the only way to boot unsigned (homebrew) games from the memory stick. This guy is totally wrong.

I wonder what is going to come first, real DS emulation or the DS’ death at the hands of the new Game Boy?

I highly doubt that the DS would be emulated sicne it has a touch screen. Also, the new Gameboy is just a smaller version of the current one.

Also, Dev the article says that the images are downloadable now and people are copying the games to the cartridges from their computers. How is that poorly researched or inaccurate?

Touch screen could be emulated with the mouse, controlling a ‘virtual finger’. Not that hard.

And he meant the new GB, not the new GBA. The Game Boy… evolution, I think? It’s meant to combat the PSP apprently, or something to that extent, not to be confused with the GB Micro (or whatever)

Man. Fuck emulating newer systems. I want a fucking Saturn emulator that consistently works. The person or group that does that would get so much respect it’s not even funny.

Have you used a touch screen? They are quite different from a mouse. Any emulation would be fairly awkward.

Also, the I’m pretty sure that the GB Micro is the new GB that Nintendo was talking about (which is why it was revealed at E3). Also releasing a new GB would be stupid for several reasons: 1. It would be coming out really late, at least a year after the PSP; 2. It would be competiting with the DS which is already competeing with the PSP. Nintendo hasn’t even announced another GB besides the GB Micro, which just plays GBA games.

984: That’s the spirit! :smiley:

Info: Yeah, they have announced another Gameboy system to compete with the PSP to be released anywhere between one to three years from now. It’ll likely kill the DS, which I’m really not seeing a lot of Nintendo effort behind right now anyway.

I own a DS, and I like it, but I’d like it better if Nintendo even fucking tried. -_-

There are already 4 DS emulators out. DSemu, TouchEmu, HyperDS, and Centurion (or something). None of them are public, aside from DSemu, which sucks.

Emulating a DS is extremely easy. All a DS is is a GBA with a second ARM proc, and a touch screen, and there has been code to emulate touch screens since the advent of Palm Pilots in the early 90s.

And it is inaccurate because:
A) That “cartridge” is not for piracy, it is a dev tool
B) Commercial Games cannot be run unless they are on an official DS cart, or are saved to a GBA cart, then loaded through the DS slot, by passing the code through. This is impossible at the moment, due to the size and speed needed to transfer the data
C) We can barely get the DS to run ANY code at all, due to a huge encryption by Big N. I doubt that aside from the few of us working on homebrew for the DS, any “joe-end-user” is going to be able to use this system to steal games.

984: GiriGiri did, it, but then got bought by Sega. I think interest died out after that, because most emu authors felt “meh, its been done.” Though given how complex the Saturn is, we are lucky that we have the quality of emus we do :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell, i’ll take even a NES emu that actually emulates an NES.

GiriGiri wasn’t that good at it, and Cassini (which was made from remnants of GiriGiri) is pretty bad alltogether.

We can complain about how “bad” NES and SNES emulators are, but at least they can actually play games. Where’s my Saturn emulator? For that matter, where’s my FM Towns emulator?

Whats wrong with NES and SNES emulators? I’ve never noticed any major problems with them.

Wow, that is stupid. Man that is way too late to be releasing a system to compete with the PSP. I mean the DS can compete since it’s graphics are about the same (maybe a little worse, I haven’t seen them side by side) and it was released around the same time. Releasing it in one year would be stuipid since it would kill the DS and probably hurt consumer confidence, but releasing it any later would keep it from competing with the PSP. The PSP would already have nice user base by then. I was thinking about getting a DS, but now I think I’ll wait and see what Nintendo does.

Dev, that was sort of my point about DS emulation. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, it would just suck and be pretty unplayable. As for the other stuff, I see.

EDIT: Ion, I was talking about bad as in its legality and whether it should be done or not.

No, theres nothing WRONG with them, i was just saying, they’re far from perfect, because most don’t emulate the system, they just implement a ton of work-arounds.

But hell, they play the games perfectly, so i don’t mind. I was just saying, there is still work to be done.

And jesus you guys, if you want a Saturn emulator so bad, start coding one! :stuck_out_tongue: But honestly, we probably won’t see a good one because of how crazy the hardware is. The saturn is like, one big experiment at “WOW I WONDER HOW MANY UNEEDED CHIPS WE CAN FIT ON ONE BOARD, THUS MAKING DEVELOPEMENT IMPOSSIBLE! :DDDD:”

Fine. Fucking Sega needs to release a perfect commercial Saturn emulator. You’re out of the console business now? Fine. Rereleasing your old consoles as emulators, especially when you’re not making money on the games any more, is a great little source of revenue.


…Emulation is bad…

Hey, I’ve always used NESTicle, and it’s awesome!

But on the topic of the newer systems out there, I’m all for the Revolution. It looks awesome! And being able to download and play the older NES/SNES/N64 games would be great!



It’s legal, keeping the fact that you own the original cart, just as if you were to burn a legal copy of a CD you want to have backup of in case of everything. As far as THAT, it’s fine!


984, that idea is AWESOME and PERFECT, which is exactly why they’ll never do it.