And you all thought Power Rangers was bad.

Spiderman is much worse.

Anyone who thought Power Rangers was bad is a God damn Communist.

There. I said it.


Sentai rocks, biotch.

Oh my gosh, that is Hilarious! It reminds me alot of the power rangers…except the hero is spider man…and he yells out the name of his attack…so japanese. -_-

Hey, it’s japanese, of course it must have giant robots in it! :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, at least Spidey still had his old combat moves!

I wonder if people in Japan who grew up watching this show said (when the American movie came out) “Hey, where’s Leopardon?” :hahaha;


If it takes thinking PR was good to be a capitalist, then I’m with Lenin.

And yeah, this is somehow just not right. For some reason I can’t load youtube videos right now (was working perfectly a few hours ago), but I’ve seen the series intro before. I wonder how the japanese version of spiderman got his spider powers; I think there was something along the lines of him being an alien from the start, like the Mask Men and so many other series alike.

Is that Zorro rescuing Spiderman?

Dude! A guitar-gun like Haruko’s! Overall, I give it a “so bad it’s awesome.” XD

After some googling, I found this:


My parents never let me watch Power Rangers because they thought it was too violent for a kid at such a young age.

Power Rangers was the shit. No joke. I wanted kids at school to call me Jason, like the first Red Ranger.

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH, you gotta be kidding me, why would spider man need a giant robot!

More like, who DOESN’T need a giant robot!?!

Also, awesome. <<

FYI, the Japanese show that Power Rangers ravaged is awesome.

Power Rangers was da shizzle. This is just priceless.

Power Rangers was the shit! I own all the action figures:biggrin: But did you ever check out Kimberly(the pink ranger) she’s a fingerpuppet.

Ah! So this is where SpiderMan got his SpiderMobile from.

Originally Posted by Cavelcade
More like, who DOESN’T need a giant robot!?!

Yes, we all need a giant robot with an Exploding Katana.

Plus, my favorite line from the Power Rangers went something like “Make my Monkey Bigger!”:booster:

I have all of them too! I even have all the megazorgs, lol. Power Rangers was all i pretty much had back when i was little…well, them and batman and the ninja turtles.

God bless the Japanese and their giant robots.

Wow, I wish I had a giant ninja robot.