And yet more Random TV Comments

Wow, I didn’t think I was going to have any more comments to make after I gave up Cable (to save money after I moved) but I was wrong.

First of all: is anyone else having problems with their fancy new digital TV broadcasts? The local channels seem to go off the air every few days!! I can understand that they might have some kinks to work out of the new system at first, but it’s been what, a MONTH since the switch? Not to mention, they had at least a YEAR to get the thing ready. This is completely unacceptable, it never happened during the analog broadcasting days. If I were not downloading shows via the internet I’d be pretty pissed about it. I suspect that this may be a local problem, since I haven’t seen any big outcry about it elsewhere. Is it?

Second, the local programming (which I hadn’t seen in years) is pitiful. Our channels are full of fake “shock” talk shows ala Jerry Springer in the afternoons, and of Telenovelas (soap operas) at night. Where are the cartoons, the comedies, the action shows, etc? I remember the days we used to have Anime series before the USA did! Sigh. There’s exactly ONE local channel that still offers movies and series, and they’re pretty lame, things like “The Mentalist” and “House” (I can’t stand either.)

What’s worse, most of these shows are “canned”- that is, imported, mostly from Mexico. There are very few local productions left. I hear that this is because the local networks have been taken over by international corporations. Which is a real pity, because we have a lot of talented actors and comedians here. :frowning:

In fact, I’ve ended up mostly watching… PBS. STOP LAUGHING. No one is more surprised than I am, but they seem to have expanded their programming since last I looked. There’s some good documentaries, book adaptations (like “Treasure Island”), and even the “edutainment” cartoons are good. I find that I like Word Girl (superhero parody, yes it’s for teaching better English, but whoever does it knows his comics cliches and how to send them up well), Lunar Jim (a little too “safe” but hey, it’s Sci Fi) and Cyberchase (hey, it has the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried!) Maya and Miguel is also funny, and thankfully not hit-you-over-the-head-with-the-message-of-the-day like many other cartoons of its kind (though it does annoy me the way kids who supposedly grew up somewhere in the USA speak random Spanish words, even when talking to their English-speaking friends- and I’m Hispanic!) In general, they are not as annoying as I expected them to be… well, some are (I can’t stand Arthur or The Electric Company- the new, “Wizards of Beverly Place, only less funny” version.) Oh, in case you’re wondering, some of these shows are translated to Spanish, but others are not. I don’t mind, but considering how little English people speak here, I imagine some kids will not be able to enjoy all of them. But then again, maybe that will motivate them to learn it. I remember preferring the English version of Sesame Street to the Spanish one as a kid, too.

As for which shows I’ve been downloading- there’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold, pretty much the only good American cartoon this season- well, that and Wolverine & The X-Men. In fact, I’ve found episodes of B&TB in Youtube that apparently have not yet aired in the USA (but have in Australia??) because Cartoon Network put the show on hold so it could show (lame) movies in its time slot. Boo!

And of course, I’m catching up on America’s Got Talent- as they themselves point out, there seems to be more talented performers this year. And some truly inventive acts… I like Acrodunk, the acrobatic basketball team, and Paradiso Dance, the husband/wife team that dances and weight-lifts each other- specially impressive since the wife is small yet can lift her obese husband over her back!! I have a few problems with the selection process this year, though. First, they allowed an unusual amount of acts -over a hundred!- to pass to the Vegas quarter-finals- only to then dismiss WHOLE groups of them without giving them the chance to act again!! And then, they decide to bring back eight of the rejected acts as “wild cards” for the semi-finals. I don’t recall allowing the public to vote on the candidates so early, either. And THEN, when they announced which ones would go on to the finals- they PAIRED the acts to tell them “You go on but you don’t” ala American Idol? This is bad because it made it look like they were comparing those particular people’s talents, when in truth the fan voting doesn’t work that way. In particular, the fact that the singing pianist was eliminated while the guy with the trained dog passed, made it look like the poor guy was not as good as a Frisbee-catching dog!! I feel sorry for him. Also, I think the Asian singer deserved to go to the finals, she had all the marks of a star. I cannot help but think that some of the acts only made it as far as they did because they were “cute” -like the singing 9-year-old or the 80-year-old comedian- and not because they were really that talented. Oh well, let’s see who wins; this year I don’t have a specific favorite like I did on earlier seasons.

Finally, I want to point out that, for some reason, the Live Streaming of the show (from is not very good, it tends to slow down in spots- I thought it was the fault of my crappy PC, yet, when I looked up the same acts on Youtube, they worked perfectly. WTF? Is Youtube better than NBC’s official online broadcast? Whoops!

CORRECTION: I watched again, and the part where the dog beat the pianist was NOT due to fan votes, but was decided BY THE JUDGES, for some reason. This means that, in their case, they DID judge the jumping-dog act to be better than the guy who could sing as well as Stevie Wonder. Good Lord! I can only imagine that was done for “shock value”. Even the dog’s handler looked stunned. Bleh!

I read acrodunk as acrodrunk and got really excited.

None of my shows are one yet - I’m up to date on Weeds, but Californication and The Clone Wars don’t start til next month. I don’t watch a lot of tv.

I don’t really watch much TV either. The only show that I’ve really been watching much is Monk, and that’s mostly on my computer, haha. Oh, and I’ll watch movies and stand up on On Demand sometimes, and occasionally some cartoons, but yeah, most cartoons aren’t all that great anymore. :confused:

I watched John Lithgow naked, attack a woman, strip her naked. Get into a bathtub with her. Choke her. Cut her thigh with a knife, then hold up a mirror so she could watch herself die. This was on Dexter, the already great, but now BEST show ever.

I haven’t watched that much TV this summer either. I normally watch Wheel of Fortune and/or Jeopardy if I’m home at night and reruns of Law and Order if I can stay up late enough. Fox’s Sunday Animation Domination is still a ritual though.

I can’t wait for the new season of Chuck though.

I watch Royal Pains, that’s it. When a Medical Drama’s supporting cast includes what appears to be a Bond VIllain, you know you have gold on your hands.

I don’t have a tv, so I don’t really watch much. And since I don’t feel like streaming anything I don’t watch anything on my computer.
While I was in NH I got into watching NCIS though. It was really entertaining, at least the episodic ones were. I wasn’t a big fan of some of the original cast though.

Where do you live? It says Puerto Rico but I’m not so sure.

Where do you live? It says Puerto Rico but I’m not so sure.

Why, you won’t take my word for it? :hahaha;

If it’s about the Digital TV thing, I live in Cabo Rojo, which is located in the South Western side of Puerto Rico. The island happens to be divided in half neatly (West to East) by a mountain chain; as a result, TV transmissions from the Capital (San Juan) are blocked, and all channels need subcontracted affiliates to get their shows over here (though of course you can also get them via satellite or cable.) I strongly suspect that it’s the local affiliates who aren’t up to snuff on their digital equipment and that’s why the reception is so bad where I live. I’m going to have to do more research on the matter, though.

While I’m posting, I might as well add more America’s Got Talent comments… I’m waiting for the latest episode to be available on NBC’s Streaming to find out how it’s going, last I saw they had chosen the last people for the semifinals… pretty much everyone I expected, except the singer with the three backups, he should’ve gone in instead of the guy who juggles dangerous things. Not only were they more talented, I don’t think things like juggling chainsaws should be encouraged! :eek: Oh, and while I still don’t have a favorite, I must admit I’m growing fond of Hairo Torres, the contortionist dancer. And no, not because he’s Latino too. The guy is just freaky amazing, some of the things he does are painful just to watch. AND on top of that, he managed to come up with a cool way to improve his act with a storyline (the “geek who tries to breakdance” routine) along with the costumes and music to go with it. I’m glad he made the next round.

Aside from the Daily Show and maybe the occasional Food Network show like Good Eats I namely stay away from TV.

The only animated show I’ve watched on TV even recently was Transformers: Animated and that’s already wrapped up. Everything else is off the computer (although I may give Moribito on ASs one more shot simply because it’ll probably require more effort to watch off the computer than off of one of my new wide-screen HD-TVs that I never use).

And more comments on America’s Got Talent:

Look, I know this isn’t a real talent competition. For starters, the only one of the Judges who has any talents himself is Hasselhoff, and as a singer he makes a great actor. And then they always allow utterly untalented people to perform in the early rounds (so they can be insulted by the judges and jeered at by the audience) which is so “American Idol” (not surprising as this is a Simon Cowell production.) So I take it for what it is, just shallow entertainment.

But this year, they keep doing stuff that makes even me go “huh?” First, they allow over a hundred acts to go to Las Vegas, only to eliminate half of them without even giving them the chance to perform again! Then out of those rejected, they call back 8 acts (of the Judges’ choice) as “wild cards.” Then they have almost all the semifinal slots be decided by audience voting, which typically they did only in the finals. (For those who don’t know, they have the acts perform on Tuesday’s shows and then reveal the results of the call-in voting on Wednesday’s.) Oh, and they keep pairing the acts to announce which one will go through and which won’t, as if the voting had compared their talents when that wasn’t the case. And once, they had BOTH of the acts presented pass while pretending only one of them would; then of the next three acts called to the stage, NONE made it through (!!!) So why have them onstage at all?? Oh, and we’re NEVER shown the number of votes each act gets, either.

The Judges are now only voting once (on Wednesdays) on the last two acts left. What’s the point of that? Not to mention their choices tend to be… unexpected. First they let go of a talented pianist in favor of the Frisbee-catching dog, and now they decided they couldn’t choose between two acts (Voices of Glory, a trio of Gospel-singing kids, and the Fab Five, a group of riverdancing housewives) so they CREATED an extra slot in the finals so both could go through?? YEAH RIGHT. I’m sorry, but that had to be scripted.

So yeah, this is all being played for maximum audience-shock effect, but it’s getting so obvious that it’s starting to annoy me. Maybe it’s because in past years the show was shorter, it would have been over by now, but I guess they want to keep it in the air as long as they can since AGT is the only big hit NBC has had in the summer.

Still, the acts ARE good, enough to keep me watching despite the way the show is being handled. I can now predict who will win this year: Barbara Padilla, the Mexican opera singer. Not only is she good (enough to get the audience excited- and opera isn’t big in America) but she’s also cute (especially the way she gets nervous when being congratulated) AND she’s got the tragic/moving backstory (she had cancer, though she’s in remission now) -in short, enough to earn all the audience votes she’ll need. Unless the producers pull another fast one and get her eliminated next round, I’m pretty sure she’ll win. And she deserves it.

I’m glad that several of my favorite acts have also made it to the finals- I do like Voices of Glory and (especially) The Fab Five and really want to see them perform again.

One good thing I’ll give the production: the choreography and props they are giving the acts to use ARE helping, they are quite catchy and have turned good-but-repetitive acts into real eye-openers.

Only two weeks to go (I think) let’s see what happens next…

Oh look, THIS thread again.

I like Grandma Lee. I think she’s hillarious, especially for her age. Is it just me or was she on Last Comic Standing a couple of times too?

Was it the senior citizens version. You know, Last Comic Standing. As in they die of old age.


Oh, look, Charle again! :hahaha;