And we're back

As the title says, OL is back. Again. Seems I run into some trouble every year.

Anyway, sorry about the time off.

Wow. This is even more insane than when the Sluggy Freelance characters say, “Hey, that was a recap!”

<img src=“”> That was a cool episode Spoony, even so I still think Nexus’ hencemen is really Celes gone bad. Hmm, maybe you can still do that plot twist still. And what extectly was Tenshi purpose to be in netforce? Never here his name when something goes wrong, it either “Ping, Peer, Netsplit”. Oh well, great show.

I’m still fairly positive I knowwho Nexus’s henchman is, but I’d rather not say… :mwahaha:

I said that when spoony started updating again, I’d rejoin the boards after the reset… I’ll try not to make an ass of myself this time, and, don’t feal bad about being lazy spoony, I’m lazyer, I haven’t updated my site in about three times the amount you haven’t, and I din’t have a valled reason. But, you have givin me the inparation to try…when I get my new computer and turn my old one into a full linux server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: about 1-2 more weeks…

Welcome back, I guess …

Wow, thats more an enthuseastic reply than I was expecting…:thud: