and then I post a news story

Fixed! (I think something still wrong)

I kind of already have… I am freaked out by it

Hmm, I’m kinda curious as to what the levels would be in people in long term relationships they enjoy vs single people.

I thought people would take what I said as a joke, not literally |=p

Ren, you’re responding to a post by Nulani. :stuck_out_tongue:

dude that crushed me. I have the news article as my windows desktop. This article about it is great btw.

I think both teams were hitting the panic button here. (They are after all both defending divisional champs currently in the cellar, riding long losing skids). I thought Boston might be salary-dumping (Sturm, Stuart, and Primeau combined cost less than Thornton) but this article makes it out to be more than that. It’s a real eye-opener as to what’s going on in the Bruins front office [though I think his assessment of Wayne Primeau is a tad harsh :). I’ve had no complaints about his contribution to the Sharks over the last couple seasons. Truth is, I’m going to miss all three guys, but then you gotta give something to get something.]

I just hope Joe Thornton decides he likes it out here (playing with family might help), unlike the last superstar the Sharks 3-for-1 traded to get, namely Eddie Belfour [grr].

What’s a joke?

Oh boy,

OK I do use it!!

Yes, yes, by the way, you might want to look up sarcasm.

I think I just had my balls removed my a scythe… (Nul=Death=scythe)

You’re going to have your balls removed by the staff if you start with those things again ¬¬

obvious=redundant=waste of words.

Time for an avvie change…

Nutter, I wasn’t kidding when I warned you.

Now imagine that being said by an angry looking giant of a man with bunny ears.

Ouch, double whammy… from a exeleclent counter from Nul… I just had to respond with somthing that meant she hurted me badly. Nul used to have scythe carring Avatar for some time. Plus her “Death” type Comments. And Since Death Is often seen Carrying a Scythe, it seemed approitate bladed weapon for Nul to “Castrate” me…

Sin, I hope you realise, that I’ve only just contacted Nul via 4 posts on EvilBoards and about a dozen Posts here. OK I have her on my MSN. The only contact is roughly this:

BN: Evil fourms email not sent
Nul: Fixed, you are free to post As long as you type English. And keep my rules.

Nothing like my Size 72 I WANT YOU, I did to someone else. That got me the Pervert insult earlier.

The best thing to do when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, is to stop digging.

And… who exactly are you talking to, BMO?

And TD wins for bringing back bunny!Sinistral.

To Nutter.

Nutter, are you trying to say that it’s appropriate that Nulani castrates you?

I agree that you should be castrated, so you would cause less trouble and all, but you don’t ask in public for a girl to castrate you, directly or subtly. Go see a doctor instead.

Actually, Ren, that was intended more as of “Keep in mind who you’re talking to, BMO.”