and then I post a news story

it combines 2 of the 3 most discussed subjects on our boards, science and relationships!

if only Bush ate a kitten somewhere in the middle of it.

Don’t worry, Merl, I almost simultaneously posted a politics thread. We’ve got it covered. :smiley:

Is that good news or bad for me?

Good news for someone… since she’s out of the system.

I guess that kinda explains why celebrity marriages usually last no more than a year.

Now that is interesting.

Obviously the molecule is lithium potassium europium (LiK)3Eu. Yeah, it’s like 3 metals; won’t work. >_>

Setz? I thought that stuff just blows up in water and rusts like mad in air. I know Li and K explode well in/on water. I prefre chucking 1g of Rb in Bath tub of water. and reteating to a safe distance!

The empirical is LiKEu, you didn’t get my point. >:(


Merlin, when are you going to address the REAL issues?

Joe Thornton traded by Boston to San Jose for Wayne Primeau, Marco Sturm, and Brad Stuart!

This one caught me by surprise, how about you?

When I was a kid they said it lasted 7 years, then as a teenager they shortened it to 3 years, and now 1 year. And the substance has always been changing too. Last time it was ocitocine, an hormone related to other stuff like birth channel muscles during a birth and such. And they have said it was endorphins in other times too.

Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that it is the Italians that did this research? XD

Not really a news-flash to those of us who have to constantly listen to psycology-lovers babble on and on and on and oh god kill me now!


Nah, celebrity marriages only last a year because they needed to generate an industry for wanna-be reporters who lacked the skill to do real news, thereby keeping them away from intelligent members of society.

Hm… now they need to market it into a pill and be like, “Take a pill and stay in love!”

Cool article.

Kudos to Setz for a nice pun/chem joke.

Why don’t we have a news forum? I really think it’d be a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

And that is interesting, but not really surprising.

It is interesting but doomed to be challenged by those who don’t like the current divorce statistics and by those who are disturbed by the idea that they’re little to nothing more than biochemical mechanisms. Sod them. We’ll finally have love drugs!

It is a reality we all have to confront at some point.

We already have two, they’re called Rohypnol and GHB.

Those are rape/knock out drugs. They’ve got nothing to do with love.