And the devils must cry.

Two new movies for Devil May Cry 3.

Now I’m convinced this game will kick ass.

This is the type of game that requires a speed metal soundtrack

Devils must cry? What? Why? Did they finally make the Neutral Zone Trap illegal?

Thank God. Maybe now scoring will come back up.

Oh, wait, different devils… nevermind.

Looks neat.
Worth a cookie!

Or a Megaman soundtrack.

Looks like a return to OTT form, if that first video was anything to do by.

EDIT: Did anyone else have problems playing the videos? The sound was all screwy for me.

i think they sound screwy since someone video taped it at an E3 convention or something, and thats the backround noise. Thats my theory

The ever-present screeching that sounds like something from a particulary nasty scene of SIlent Hill, drowning all other audial input? :\

In that case, arm yourself with a crowbar, and wanter around a school in the middle of the night, smashing anything you see that looks like a zombie midget with knifes for hands.

I know there’s a class selection. You can either play as a Gunslinger, Swordmaster, Acrobat or Royal Guard. Oh and it’s a prequel.

That’s without watching the preview, so sorry if I repeated anything.

Sweet! cuddles Giza’s avatar =^.^=

You know, It looks awesome and I am a huge Devil may Cry fan. I just hope it won’t blow just like the second one, but it looks great.

Then again DMC2 trailers looked great too :confused:

But I’ll still buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Capcom is lately starting to dissappoint. (MvC2,DMC2,MMX7 etc) but once in a while they make an awesome game like Onimusha 3 and I hope that they’ll do as great as oni 3.

Damn that looks so cool. I can’t wait till it comes out.

What NB said. :\

I really hope this is as good as the first one :hyperven:
i still think DMC2 was pretty cool
but ah well guess ill wait and see
oh yeah im new :slight_smile:

Why it’s still the one who made DMC2 making this game…

Actually, the team that made DMC2 is nowhere near DMC3, but I still don’t expect too much.

I just hope that they can redeem themselves after they did DMC2,i thought it wasn’t that bad but DMC was still a lot more better.

And the game looks awesome so far.