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The Day Chronos Went Mad

wingnut: Well, due to the resounding and complete success of the former Day (not), this is being rewritten. Hopefully, this time with a plot and no holes.

Carlie: falls into one Waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Angela: kneels beside it and peers down Well, that’s gotten rid of her and the evil morningstar.

Arianrod: dives in

Angela: … Or not.

wingnut: sighs Man, I never thought having a Senshi dedicated for the most part to Destiny would be so annoying…

Angela: You WHAT?!? HOLY BALL!!

wingnut: dives out of the way In any case, thank you for reading, keep reading as we fall- or rather, as Chronos falls- into insanity. And Angela, don’t even THINK about using Diamond Missile on me!

Chronos, the god who was widely accepted as the Greek God of Time, was staring out the window. He was about six and a half feet tall, despite having a long white beard to rival that of Gandalf’s with hair to match, dark grey eyes and wearing a brown-green tunic, grey cloak and ankle-high boots of uncertain age. They still seemed to be in fairly good condition, however long he’d been wearing them for.

Today, he was in a pensive mood. Relatively, it had been quite some time since he’d really paid attention to those in the part of the various universes or the multiverse, for lack of a better term, that involved the Sailor Senshi. In fact, he wasn’t even sure that that Ice Age- it was an Ice Age, right?- that Pluto had told him would happen sometime when he asked had happened. Mind you, she hadn’t really seemed to know when it would happen herself.

He wondered absently if one purple-haired Senshi had forgiven him for the ‘joke’ he’d pulled on her and a few of her friends, then turned his thoughts to the other things on his agenda. The frown on his face deepened. He wouldn’t have minded so much if it hadn’t involved one of his least favourite types of people, a cavewoman. Chronos absolutely refused to have anything to do with people who had no idea of what Time was unless forced to. To be frank, they rather annoyed him.

Slowly, a smile began to cross his face. “I wonder…” he murmured to himself.

On the same planet, in a completely different section of the multiverse and a totally different building, the Elemental of Time and the being known as Chaos were somewhat worried.

“Time,” said she of that name worriedly, “is… um…”

“Constricting? Becoming chaotic?” Chaos suggested helpfully.

“I wouldn’t say constricting,” Time said. “But yes, it is becoming somewhat chaotic… you’d know all about that, ne?”

“Eheheheh…” Chaos looked around. “Dammit, where’s Order got to?”

“Off chasing Fire or some butterflies, I expect,” said Time and sighed. ‘Sometimes, Order’s just…’

“Is anyone else bored, or is it just me?” Lucca asked lazily from where she was standing in what had been named, rather unoriginally in her opinion, ‘Time Square’.

“Yep, I’m bored too,” agreed Marle, stretching. “Want to play ‘I Spy’ again?”

“No, we got knocked out by Spekkio last time we did that, remember? I don’t really want to get familiar with the blackness of whatever the hell’s out there again…”

The old man standing under the lamppost in the middle of the square, formerly known as Gaspar, Zeal’s Guru of Time before the Fall, blinked. “Ah, that reminds me… how did you two survive out there?”

“Um…” The two girls looked at each other, completely nonplussed.

“How did we get out there and then back in the first place?” Lucca wondered.

It was at that point that a man with a long white beard, gray eyes and a grey cloak appeared next to Ayla, who was napping, and disappeared again, taking the blonde cavewoman with her.

For a few moments there was complete silence. Then the Epoch arrived with the traditional whining as it settled down and Crono, Marvin and Vive jumped out. (For those of you who have a problem with the names Marvin and Vive rather than Robo and Frog, I suggest you take a trip back to the Renaissance or Salem. If you pick Salem, stay there. Thank you, have a nice day.)

“Okay, we’re back!” the red-haired one announced, “what are you all staring at?”

Gaspar shook his head slowly, his mouth hanging ever-so-slightly open. “You know, I could have sworn that was Chronos…” he muttered.

Lucca’s eyes widened. “Chronos, God of Time? What the hell would he want with Ayla?”

Vive frowned. “What hast occured here!?” he demanded. “Hast thou attacked her, foul demon?” This last was directed at the blue-haired… man with pointy ears and a blood-red cape, who flicked the cape and regarded the frog-man with a look of scorn.

“No, it would be below myself to do such a thing,” he replied and frowned. “Where do you think Chronos might have gone with the cavewoman?”

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