And off we are!

Tata everyone, see you on Monday. Me an’ Jing are going to meet up with Wert for the mini-RPGCmeeting which also includes Poke, we’ll be back after the weekend. Take care everyone!


sad because after all the hardships at work and such, couldn’t go there ;_;

Have fun!

Cya later, Weiila, hope you and Jing have fun!

Have foon!

I know it’s too late late, but bye and have fun.

Have fun. And take pictures!

If he starts to shag your legs: Flee! And don’t hesitate like the silly fellowship of the ring. Wertigon is much worse than a balrog and a trong of goblins. nod, nod

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Have fun. And take pictures!

beat me to it

Hope you have a good time Mistress Weiila :slight_smile: Tell us how it went when you get back.

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beat me to it

Damnit all to hell, you beat me to beating me too it!